Chloromancer Art Contest - Results

Posted May 10, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,017 times.

Thanks for taking part in our monthly community class art contest, this month you were tasked with drawing the Chloromancer class. We've checked the submissions and are ready to present the results. 

Article Image created by SkyTheVirus for this event on behalf of Trovesaurus.

First Place

Chosen by Trovesaurus, receives 3x Reward Tokens.

No description entered

DentedPaladin (PC) 9 months ago


:') never give up, always shine...even in darkest night.

Ainogommon (PC) 9 months ago


Madame de Fleur means Lady of Flower in French (Google Translated)

MrWhoever (PC) 9 months ago


Spring is the perfect time to catch some flowers ( ´∀`)ノ✿

xXDonDonXx (PC) 8 months ago


Second Place

Chosen by Trovesaurus, receives 2x Reward Tokens.

アイドル ですか?

AzusaAlice (PC) 8 months ago


She's handing a flower to someone?

WyvernWarrior223 (PC) 9 months ago


No description entered

12_666 (PC) 9 months ago


Plaguepurge Pollinator, because the costume makes me want to main the chloromancer lol

Sworro (PC) 9 months ago


I wanted to give Chloromancer the highlight it deserves. <3

Soul_Wade (PC) 9 months ago


My first art submission, hope you guys like it!

Ender_140 (PC) 9 months ago


Plaguepurge Pollinator for the chloromancer contest

Galeneos (PC) 8 months ago


No description entered

Red_Herring (PC) 8 months ago


When the end of the world is near, but someone still try to save what is really important...

pavlikovaa (PC) 9 months ago


Had a lot of fun with the colors for this one!

FlooFlop (PC) 9 months ago


Runners Up

Chosen at random, receives 1x Reward Token.

snakofb829 (PS4/EU) , Nervash24 (PC), monkDwiu (PC), CecilTeach (PC) , itupiguarani (PC), Red_Herring (PC), xXMRNARWHALEXx (PC), Subj (PC), Sayrim (PC), Eletromix (PC) , winflag (PC) , UltimateToonLink (PC), milupower, Keshavi (PC), UziEl (PC) , seowol (PC), Bound2 (XBOX), Jinium (PC), TheShoelaceless (PC)

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