Community Draws Chronozilla - Results

May 9, 2017 | Etaew | 728

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Community Draws Chronozilla contest, we've spoken with Chronozilla and determined the winners of this contest.

Fortras, the Herald of Battle

Chosen by Chronozilla, receives Fortras, the Herald of Battle.

I actually drew this picture last year and never finished colored it >.< I'm so so sorry for procratinating.

First Place

Chosen by Chronozilla, receives 3x Reward Tokens.

✪✪✪ previous costume fan arts series ✪✪✪

I failed drawing that trombone but nonetheless, the drawing ended well!

Second Place

Chosen by Chronozilla, receives 2x Reward Tokens.

Whew, been about six month since im not drawing any tribal...

I ain't good with female hair

No description entered

Happy cakeday Chronozilla. Have a nice day!

Runners Up

Chosen at random, receives 1x Reward Token.

snakofb829, Rinaly, UziEl, winflag, UltimateToonLink, Shadowxax, NIGHTSLAKER, FlooFlop, milupower, Eletromix, FiannaTiger

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