Llamafest Art / Mod / Story Results

Posted May 8, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 601 times.

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Llamafest Art / Mod and Story contest, we have the results ready to share.

Also to mark the end of Llamafest we've dropped the Reward Token cost for each llama from 3 to 2 and added Hairy Llarry to round out our llama collection.


Art Majors 

Receive 3x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

Llama based on my favorite mount, the shkeletal shmeep. <:

Sworro (PC) 9 months ago


It was really fun drawing llama faces xD

Quinnce (PC) 1 year ago


Art Minors 

Receive 2x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

All the Llama means all the llamain the main game not include the modded

MrWhoever (PC) 9 months ago


No description entered

12_666 (PC) 9 months ago


No description entered

UziEl (PC) 9 months ago


Evil llama incarnate?

FlooFlop (PC) 9 months ago


Art Randoms

Receive 1x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

UltimateToonLink (PC)NIGHTSLAKER (PC) Jinium (PC)DarklyDreams (PC)FiannaTiger (PC)SirMalcom (PC)Shadowxax (PC)winflag (PC)



Due to the number of people participating in the modding contest, all participants receive Reward Tokens. All mods can be seen in the modpack.

Jusiv (PC) created 11 baby Llamas

pendk (PC) is world famous for Llarrot

BisquiteCat (PC) made a Llama Bike

UziEl (PC) made a gold llama hotbar.


Winners receive 2x Reward Tokens to claim a Llama of their choice.

Story Winners

Strom11 (PC) read the story here.

See (PC) read the story here.

LilAlloy1 (PC) read the story here.

xXMRNARWHALEXx (PC) read the story here.

Robaschi (PC) read the story here.

SentinelKnife (PC)  read the story here.


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