T-Shirt Contest - Results

April 30, 2017 | Etaew | 613

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our T-Shirt contest, we've gone through the results and determined the ones that we think look best on T-Shirts from those submitted.

First Place

Chosen by Trovesaurus, receives 3x Reward Tokens.

I thought the entity found in the Chaos Forge was really cool, so I decided to draw it for the contest, I hope you all like it! The FF is my signature since there wasn't much room.

Second Place

Chosen by Trovesaurus, receives 2x Reward Tokens.

My first piece using Blender :) Special thanks to SkyTheVirus for her awesome guide! Enjoy!

Thanks to SkyTheVirus for the amazing Qubicle -> Blender tutorial :D

on t-shirt it suppoused to look somewhat like this

My work for the contest, because who doesn't know how the grind for flux is?

Runners Up

Chosen at random, receive 1x Reward Token.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess Trove shirt

No description entered

2100 x 2100 no background png file download here:

Original Art

Tried to make it look like the pr/mastery icon in-game :) 

No description entered

No description entered

A version of my Previous Render that is made for the T-Shirt Contest and dark backgrounds.

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