Fast tips to get mastery on trove

April 27, 2017 by gabnco

TIP 1 - Items

  1.    Save your flux because you will need it later to buy better items, mounts, wings, etc.
  2.    Save marketable items for sale(need mastery 20+)
  3.    Try to mine well for craft items
  4.    Save glim to buy/craft ship/fishing poles/boot


 It takes time to get a good mastery rank, but do not get discouraged by good inventory of items you get so fast.

TIP 2 - How to get mastery

  1.   Craft rings to get mastery 
  2.   Use the gardening bench
  3.   Use recipes to get mastery
  4.   Learn a mount/wing/mag rider/ship
  5.   Fish          


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