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Llamafest Week 2: Llamahunt Winners News

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Posted April 18, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 481 times.

While Llamafest continues, it is time for the results of the second contest week. Participants were asked to track down someone else riding a Llama and take a screenshot of themselves with them.

Rewards (Amounts and Distribution)

  • Number or prizes has been adapted based on participation. 
  • Please contact Digiwolf (PC) ingame or on the Trovesaurus Discord to receive the Talisman.
  • Winners of the Llama code will be messaged with instructions by Etaew (PC) .

Llama Code Winners

Chosen at random, these winners receive Llama Code of choice.

Llama Talisman Winners

Chosen at random, these winners receive a Llama Talisman.

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