Community Draws Avarem Results

April 13, 2017 | Etaew | 596

Thanks for taking part in our Community Draws Avarem art contest. Avarem has chosen the winners and rewards have been distributed, they are as follows.

Our Contribution

This entry won't receive prizes, but thanks for SkyTheVirus for putting together an Avarem emoji for us.

No description entered

First Place

Receive 3x Reward Tokens.

No description entered

One day I can get that perfect gem, I hope. (´‧_‧`)

Second Place

Receive 2x Reward Tokens.

from epic art subject :^)

Second time making this kind of drawing

I know this is late, but I still wanted to submit it :3  Best of Luck, Avarem!

I wanted this to be more personal... Thats why I put my character in here.

Runners Up

Receive 1x Reward Token.

No description entered

No description entered

"...And the Maker said:  Let there be Light..."

idek what to say but Good Luck.

No description entered

I wish you good luck with your new career choice and would like to thank you for leading the trove team to make trove fun game!

Someone had to do it :C

No description entered

I wish potties could fly..

No description entered

Avarem looks in disbelief as Palashien emerges from the Porter-Potty.

thats art shows how i meet avarem befroe 2years and thats he very friendly

Special Mention

A second entry by Quinnce

This is a random drawing I painted with watered-down acrylics back in Dec 2016.  Good Luck, Avarem!

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