Llamafest Week 1: Llamastone Winners News

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Posted April 7, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 482 times.

While Llamafest continues, it is time for the results of the first contest week. Participants were tasked to create a Llama themed cornerstone.

Rewards (Amounts and Distribution)

  • Winner numbers have been adapted based on participation. 
  • Please contact Digiwolf (PC) ingame or on the discord to receive the Talisman.
  • Winners of the Llama code have been messaged with intructions by Etaew (PC) .

Majors Winners

As chosen by Evilagician (PC) these winners receive a Llama Talisman + Llama Code of choice.

Minors Winners

As chosen by Evilagician (PC) these winners receive a Llama Talisman.

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