Llamafest Week 1: Llamastone Winners

Posted April 7, 2017 by Evilagician and viewed 503 times.

While Llamafest continues, it is time for the results of the first contest week. Participants were tasked to create a Llama themed cornerstone.

Rewards (Amounts and Distribution)

  • Winner numbers have been adapted based on participation. 
  • Please contact Digiwolf ingame or on the discord to receive the Talisman.
  • Winners of the Llama code have been messaged with intructions by Etaew.

Majors Winners

As chosen by Evilagician these winners receive a Llama Talisman + Llama Code of choice.

  • Ixion for making a llama sticking out of a cannon (link).
  • Kvoor for making a creepy house out of Scary Mary's head (link).
  • Equinoxide for inventing a spotty llama (link).

Minors Winners

As chosen by Evilagician these winners receive a Llama Talisman.

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