Trove Livestream Notes 20/01/2017

January 20, 2017 by Shirokiri

Notes from the most recent Trove Livestream containing future updates, changes and weekly Q&A Segments.


Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!Top ^

Trove Livestream Notes 20/01/2017Top ^


All hail the Water Goat!

Hint that work is being done already on the next big update but no info about it yet.
Portal for minigame maps to be added to game so players can teleport back to the start of the maps.
More animal heads confirmed including a wolf.

Lots of crash fixes ready for when it goes live on the launch patch which need to go to CERT first.

Brazilian community news:
Beta translation will be brought to the live servers soon so you'll have your own global chat channel and working on Brazilian currency purchasing to game too.


Questions and Answers SessionTop ^


Special events on console?

Yes after the launch, events and store sales will come out

There needs to be more ways to get class key fragments, ideas?

Next big update it will be looked at but mainly to do with class gems and new versions, how to get them etc

When will leader boards weeklies give items for console?


When will old mounts from store come back?

They will be coming to back over time via chaos chests over time

Easier way to get dragon coins?

The new challenges already give more dragon coins than the previous

Will you make matching costumes for all the animal style heads?

We wont be making every single one, maybe a couple, if players make some too if any demand

Costumes/Auras to made from DDE fragments?

The fragments will do new stuff with the new update

Credit tome?

Not going to happen

Will Trove ever make a voxel editor just for trove?

No but there are a lot of good voxel editors out there and we are looking to make improvements on the metaforge

Drumstick and the other griffons will be added to air world?

seems possible?

More uses for titan souls?

Almost definately

Any cheeky hints to new content?

Before the next big update hint: Qubesly will speak to you

Thoughts on adding patron points to consuming credit pouches?

Ye its interesting but would have to remove patron points from buying them from the store. No plans right now

Will Laseratops make a comeback?

Most definitely

Can we have a ban list added for clubs?

On the list of ideas for the upcoming club update

Can we expect 5 to 7 star dungeons by the end of the year?

Would like to expands on open world updates but next focus is on the shadow tower, content and accessibility. Power and reward updates.

Any progress made on isolating issues for rubberbanding?

Yes we are making progress, still working on it, tough problem

Why another water world dragon addition and not fire and air?

Theyve been in the works for a while so that's why it was another one.

When you make the new griffons, can we have a steampunk griffon?

Maybe a good community one we could add

Any special Chinese new year stuff?

Sadly not so it will just be last years content Im afraid

Any plans for new primordial dragons?

"We definately have... thats a really cool looking map" question cut off

Karma bar on empowered gem boxes?

Wont likely change entirely but we are looking to make some changes, cant promise it will be this though.

Any news for crafting classes on PS4

Will be part of the post launch update including the chaos crafter and dino tamer, chaos chest drops etc

Will you answer my question please?


Is that the next patch we will get to console?

It will be the crash fix patch

Do we have to pay for full release on console?


When will carpets fly?

They do fly, it'll be within the next month or so.

Any new PVP modes to be added ?

We want to do a PVP update this year. wont be the next update but do want to return to PVP for an update

Mouse and keyboard for consoles?

Can be looked at but not planned for launch, if demand per usual can be looked at.

Any plans to fix the exploit to get 00:00 on racing challenge?

Needs to be updated as that system seems to have a few flaws

Should winter flowers be growing right now or glitched?

Needs to be updated as that system seems to have a few flaws

Any chance of quest NPC's instead of just vendors?


Can we get mounts for two people to ride?

Not really but its possible

Plasma fishing eta?


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