Flux farming

January 12, 2017 by Frost_king3

Can't think of good things to grind to make flux? Here are some simple alternatives.



1: Weekly Shadow Tower

The titan souls gained from defeating the floor bosses can be used to buy tians treasures at the shadowy market. These chests commonly contain 8k-10k flux, uncommonly 20k, and rarely 50k. The shadow tower refreshes each week, so remember to claim all of your titan/lunar souls before the week changes!


2: Aventuring & Loot Collecting

It's not a reliable source, but makes a decent inflow of flux while adventuring. Hold E to pick up every dropped equipment item around you. When you're finished adventuring or your inventory is full, go to a cornerstone/club world with a loot collector and collect all the items you picked up. Remember to left click to lock items so they cannot be decontructed if you're using "loot collect all" (also, the little arrow button next to the bottom right corner of the collect all button swaps the loot collector to "reclaim" mode, just incase you accidentally loot-collected an item you wanted to keep.)


3: Radiant Shards

These usually sell for a nice amount. It's best to farm them in the radiant ruins (accessed from a club world skylands portal) on Friday, when all shard amounts are doubled. After you've collected a good amount, wait a day or two for the price to increase and sell.

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Thank you for your help! :)

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But how much can you sell radiant shards for?

The price fluxuates based on the day. they sell for more when it's not friday.

Alright thank you. It's my first time trying to sell something on trove and I hadn't the slightest clue on how much to sell them.

Really helped thanks :D


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