Simple advices for leveling your classes

January 10, 2017 by YegorOG

Hey!This article is about leveling your classes as fast as possible.Картинки по запросу trove

The whole plan is pretty simple since you have the requirements for each portal. First worlds(first 4 colored portals) will be easy for any class. You just go to the next portal as soon as you reach enough PR, your lvl doesnt matter that much (it's ok to go to the next portal 1 or 2 levels before the recommended ones). The main point is to have that "power" to fight the bosses pretty fast. I advice to focus on specific stats on your gems (you can follow guides that other players created).You could also find it difficult to grind the Uber portals, so it could be better to switch to a lower Uber, but to grind it twice faster(the difference between the exp you get is not that big) or to join a group of players. Grinding will go much faster if you are doing it in a group.

Getting 10th level won't be a problem for a newbie(actually now you can recieve a Minor Experience Coin from a Daily Loot Chest).Reaching 20th level shouldn't be difficult either.You will have to spend a decent amount of time to reach level 30.

I advice you to farm more on Saturday or even to farm only then because of the bonus exp you get.You should think of buying patron if you want to level up really fast(it also gives a tone of benefits).

So here is a short list of things you have to follow:

1.Keep to the world that you feel comfortable grinding in.

2.Track the stats that you recieve on your gems and keep only the best ones.

3.Farming in a group is much faster.

4.Don't forget about the weekly contests (Press 'K'). You can earn a lot of useful stuff for gems there for free each week.

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