Trove Livestream Notes 06/01/2017

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Notes from the most recent Trove Livestream containing future updates, changes and weekly Q&A Segments.




Trove Livestream Notes 06/01/2017

Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!
First of the new year!


Special guest on todays stream: Gertrude/Gary/Kevin/Totes mcgoat the goat!
Yes it was a goat, it was amazing, you should have been there!
Todays stream focused mainly on upcoming console changes but the usual Q&A features.

Currently in beta and the next milestone will be the launch hopefully with most of the recent bugs fixed. UI improvements such as the PC crafting tab, the loot collector UI, and proximity timing. Dates to come.

Next major game update will come to console and PC at the same time. Will be talking about it over the next few months.

Pirate dragon to be released soon, Flackbeard the Relentless.
As usual it will be on PTS, then after that, released into live.

Shadow tower will be part of the next major power update with regards to any changes, potential new bosses, any new mechanics and ringcrafting's upgrade was mentioned with regards to this update.

Questions and Answers Session



When is launch coming to Xbox

Currently no date as lots of bugs to work on and fix before launch release.

ST Suggestion of making a type of arena that progressively gets harder as you journey through.

Not committed to anything right now, looking into it though as it will be part of the next major update to make changes to the tower.

Any news on multithread issues?

Keep reporting what you can and we will get an update to you by next stream regarding it.

As Festive Fae Sleigh was missed out on recent chaos crafter change, will it be back sometime?

Yes it will come back.

Marketplace pages needs fixing(console)

The issue is known and will be fixed for launch.

Will there be a rework of class contests?

This is on the priority list at the moment but there is no ETA, Avarem will be working on it.

When will deleted/missing inventory items be given back with regards to the latest inventory changes?

Most things should have been fixed now, perfect prisms are one item they are still looking at, anymore issues then send your tickets in.

What date is lunch?

Every day.

Can we have a different chest specifically for architects in clubs?

Seems interesting so something to look at.

Custom biome names for club worlds?

Has been mentioned before and would like to do it, so maybe some point in the future.

VFX fix for knight's ultimate?

Was fixed this week so will as usual go out to PTS then live.

Streamer allies?

Largely done for most of the work, might need some audio, but not much left to do for them, lots were added.

Framerate on console issues?

We expect to keep improving the rates, we have worked on it for the next patches.

Shadow hunter passive not working on console, any fix?

Wasnt aware of it so thank you for mentioning, will look into it.

Ringcrafting 2.0

As previously mentioned, yes it will be part of the next power update.

More primordial worlds?

No proper answer to this as earth gems were mentioned by the player

ST updates?

Already spoke about it.

Party system?

Want to make it more accessible so it is being looked at and want to work on it to make it easier for people to get together. Aiming for same time as ST update.

Mods to come on console?

If we can get them to work, it's something we would love to support.

Will there be a reset for beta on the console?

Nope everything will be saved.

Are you going to merge the PC and Console servers?

It cant be done so it's a no, we want to keep it how it is and we like the idea of each having their own economy.

Gem stat reroll coming up?

Yes, but not the same mechanics as gear reroll, will come with next power update.

Can we have attacks to shoot through cursed skulls?

Makes sense

Display bug fix for not seeing liquid through glass?

Its a very big issue that will cause other problems, its from alpha but there's no complete fix for it as it will potentially affect something else such as framerate.

Chaos chests drop issue for shadow towers, any fix?

Aware that notifications of finding chaos chests are showing and the chests arent dropping, will be looked at.

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