Gunslinger Art Contest Results

November 2, 2016 by Etaew

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for our Gunslinger Art Contest, they were great.

9x Major Rewards (Chosen)Top ^

Taking a Break

Blast Jump

Heartbreaker <3

Clear Skylight PTS

Gunslinger of the setting sun

Revolver Ranger


Clear Skylight PTS

Gunslinger - Double Load

Knock back Guns


Clear Skylight PTS

1x Major Rewards (Random)Top ^

UnderWorldGunslinger [doodle]

Clear Skylight PTS

10x Minor Rewards (Random)Top ^



Red-haired Cowboy

Clear Skylight PTS

Dreaming of anthropology

Summer Haas: Heartbreaker


Clear Skylight PTS

Crazed Gunslinger

Call of gunslinger

Charge Shot

Clear Skylight PTS


Clear Skylight PTS

 Top ^


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