critick neon

October 12, 2016 by dragon_1egend

Group RoleTop ^

whit this build your only job is to do the maximun dmg at the start of dhe shadow dongon (its in testing)

AbilitiesTop ^

most used:shadow flip (used usually evry time for flee and when you have 3 purple circle on your caracter)

your dash abilities will be used for flee and parralize the enemy

ult: your basic attack will do 3x the dmg you do normaly and the final attack can do special dmg that do like 5x the normal dmg

StrategyTop ^

ive said it whit the abilities you have in the neon

GearTop ^

face: max healt att speed %healt and crittical dmg

hat: max healt att speed %healt and criticla dmg

sword: phisical dmg energy regen critical hit critical dmg

Ally / FlaskTop ^

shield servitor/valourious vial wiht those emblems at first martial emblems or (undiyng) at second surestrike emblem

GemsTop ^

you need to have 2 empored gem whit phisical dmg critical hit and critical dmg and one whit max healt %healt and healt regen

for each color you will need to have one whit this critical hit critical dmg and phisical dmg the second whit crit hit healt regen max healt


so that how i build my neon ninja if you idea of how i can modify it i will do the modif in my build if its more usefull for survive do more dmg and ect.

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