Accepted User Mods

September 3, 2016 | SkyRider3217 | 11,744

The following is a list of items that the author has reported been accepted into the game.





Natsu, the Warmth of Summer

by Fizzinc


The Green Primordial Dragon

by B_Y3LL0W



Llama Collection

Collab by Milambit, Cretoriani, Dusty_Mustard, Stedms, and Digiwolf


Dance Pad Revolution

by Mew2ian


Quickdeploy Cannon

by BisquiteCat


Trovian Flying Object

by TheMafian & Faelene


Raging Crocodile

by SkyRider3217


Treasure Isles Flying Ship/Rocket Ship

by Humpypants


Bouncy Spring

by Jusiv



Fishing Barge

by Giziyo


The Waffle

by Spar13



by Screamheart


Bull Dozer

by Dusty_Mustard


Prehistoric Platypus

by Kawaiicaretaker!-(Collab


Eyeco: The Wandering Watcher

by PotatoeUnicorn


Red & Blue Racers

by Pennry


Choco-Rocket Suprise

by Faelene


Magnus Wings

by Giziyo


Baby Seal

by B_Y3LL0W


Salt Shaker

by Pendk


Shadow Throne

by Anibaal!


Cursed Throne

by Anibaal!


Sultan Knight

by Anibaal


Duelist (Knight)

by Giziyo


Plague Doctor

by Giziyo


Captain Cephus, The Space Pirate

by Ainogommon


Captain ARR-canium

by MagicMate


Anubus Nomads (Neon Ninja)

by Giziyo


Diamond Lord

by Anibaal


Shadow Wrangler

by Zeptimus


Dragon Raider

by KawaiiCaretaker



by Ainogommon



by 3motions & gaugekelly1


Fruit Dragon

by Ainogommon


Deep Sea Lancer

by 3motions


Magnus Lancer

by Giziyo


Time Master Revenant/Master of Clockwork

by 3motions


Plasmic Predator

by Jusiv


Scorching Tyrant

by NTwarrior


Chaotic Trickster

by SkyRider3217


Radiant Spring Bringer

by Anabaal


Deep Sea Barbarian

by Mew2ian


Breaker of Lost Hearts

by LippyLapras


Shogun of the Rising Sun

by TeekayM


Hypersonic (Neon Ninja)

by CryoGX


Rosewood Huntress

by MoonPetals


Pinata Tamer

by Anibaal


[Dragon] Bismuth

by Jusiv


[Dragon] Arachnia the Spider Dragon

by Evilagician


[Dragon] Q'bthulhlu Dragon

by SkyRider3217

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