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August Site Update

Posted September 1, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,088 times.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this community, here is the site update for the work done this last month (August).

August Stats

Last month we had 49,171 visitors, visiting 125,371 times and viewing 656,782 pages.

Most Popular Pages

Listing all pages with 1% or more of all page views.

  • Home Page (6.69% of all views) - glad that this has increased as it serves up the latest news, as well as the calendar and recent site changes.
  • Mods (3.85% of all views) - continues to be one of the most popular pages on the site, probably needs some love.
  • Login Page (2.17% of all views)
  • Sageosaurus Claim (1.8% of all views) - we have done several Sageosaurus giveaways, and plan more for the future.
  • Equipment Stat Rolls (1.13% of all views) - I think this page needs to be given an appearance update, it's pretty popular.
  • Contests (1.01% of all views) 

August Changes


  • You can now create subpages of pages, useful for creating translations of patch notes
  • Wrote a new image upload system that is used on the Trovesaurus Gallery and on individual pages
  • Wrote a new login system, removing the previous local accounts and social accounts. Now accounts are tied to an Email Address and Character Name. Login links are sent via email and you remain logged in for 30 days.
  • Prices and Mastery Points are now visible on the Packs page thanks to Chronozilla (PC)
  • Adjusted the site style removing the orange bar on h2 and other tweaks including changes to Gold Members appearance
  • You can now set the Flux Market Value of collection items on their dedicated page
  • You can now view an individual abilities page (example: Final Blow)
  • You can now use various tags in your guide and news pages - View List (as we use them more it will speed up the site)
  • There is now a dedicated Gems page, and you can view Empowered Gems on an individual Class page
  • There is now a dedicated Chaos Chests page, which highlights the current rotation and shows historical information.


  • Commenting and voting once again no longer triggers a page reload
  • You can now once again comment on collection and item pages properly


Let us know what you think we should work on for the month of September and we will draw a random on-topic commenter on Monday, September 5 to win a Trove Pack.


http://www.trovesaurus.com/comment=4026 by Darkpineapple58 (PC)

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