Badly Drawn for Blackie Results

August 30, 2016 by Etaew

To celebrate Blackie Maidens birthday we asked you guys to drawn a badly (or well) drawn version of either Blackie's character of Falminar. We had 65 entries to this contest making it one of our most successful. Keep reading to find out the winners and to view the entries.

Chosen WinnersTop ^

The Falminar pending


Happy Birthday Blackie Maiden!


Random WinnersTop ^

Trove #BadlyDrawn Falminar or Blackie Maiden

Mystical Phoenix

Unnamed Art


Giving out some treats.

Happy (late) Birthday Blackie :D

Blackie Funko




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Congrats to all the winners 

Welp, oh well.  Gratz to the winners :)

Congratz to all winner :D

Hope you enjoy the griffons <3

Ty mate. Sadly my inet here is so bad currently, that i might not be able to enjoy it for a few days.

Rip i need that to get all de griffens!

Oh well gg winners