Prehistoric Pack

August 27, 2016 by Etaew

The Prehistoric Pack is now available on Live servers, people are able to play the Dino Tamer two weeks before everyone else.

Boxed Headset PTS

Please Note

Information in this article was obtained on the Public Test Server (PTS), changes may occur before it is deployed on live.


Prehistoric Pack

Dinotamer Class with the Jurassic Jungler and Road Wrangler costumes! Also comes with three class gem keys, the Laseratops mount and two new Dino Biome terraformers!

20 Patron Points


ContentsTop ^

  • Dino Tamer Class
  • Road Wrangler
  • Jurassic Jungler
  • 3x Class Gem Key
  • Laseratops mount
  • Jurassic Jungle Terraformer
  • Saurian Swamp Terraformer

Dino Tamer ClassTop ^


An accidental traveller of both space and time, the Dino Tamer uses their knowledge of science and technology to survive in an inhospitable primitive world. The Dino Tamer uses ranged attacks consisting of hunting nets, tranquilizer darts and dinosaur allies to defeat foes.


Clever Snare (Primary Ability)

Throws a sticky net which roots, energy drains and damages enemies within its area over time. Hold button for larger nets that last longer and can be thrown farther. Primary dart attacks refresh the net.

Dino Buddy (Ability 1)

Throws a piece of meat on the ground which summons a random dinosaur to fight nearby enemies. Dino Buddies last 22 seconds.

Dino Mount (Ability 2)

Ride a special dinosaur mount that increases damage & run speed, adds splash damage to your main attack, a stun to your mount when you call a Dino Buddy and makes all Clever Snare nets max size!


Starter Dino Tamer

Level 10 Dino Tamer

Level 20 Dino Tamer

Road Wrangler

Jurassic Jungler

Time-Stranded Paleontologist

Starter Dino Tamer

Starter Dino Tamer

0 Mastery Points

Level 10 Costume

Level 10 Dino Tamer

25 Mastery Points

Level 20 Costume

Level 20 Dino Tamer

25 Mastery Points


Jurassic Jungler Costume

Jurassic Jungler

Ideal for stalking the one di nosaur that keeps eluding you.

25 Mastery Points

Road Wrangler Costume

Road Wrangler

Saurians may be a little more temperamental than a road hog, but a ride is a ride.

25 Mastery Points

Time-stranded Paleontologist (Not included in pack)

Time-Stranded Paleontologist

One moment you're studying fossils, and the next you're hurtling through some wormhole in time and space.

25 Mastery points

Most likely an exclusive Trove Store costume

Lasertops MountTop ^




  • 90 Movement Speed

Not even remotely related to sharks with lasers.

50 Mastery Points

Dino Biome TerraformersTop ^

Jurassic Jungle Terraformer


Jurassic Jungle Terraformer

Terraform a zone into the Jurassic Jungle. BE WARNED - this will destroy everything in that zone, as well as the borders of adjacent zones.

Saurian Swamp Terraformer


Saurian Swamp Terraformer

Terraform a zone into the Saurian Swamp. BE WARNED - this will destroy everything in that zone, as well as the borders of adjacent zones.


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