Trove Interview Question Collection

August 12, 2016 by Etaew

Trove has some big announcements coming at Gamescom, Avarem will be there hosting several meetings and we plan to ambush him with a list of questions from you guys. Submit your on-topic question and you could win a Trove Pack.


  1. Task
  2. Dates
  3. Prize


  • Leave a comment on this page with a question to ask the Trove Team (Avarem) for an upcoming interview, possible topics can include:
    • New Biome
    • New Class
    • Console Release
    • other things

I know some of this will be tricky due to information not being announced yet, check out the developer livestream today for hints for questions.


  • Friday, 12 August to Wednesday, 17 August


  • One random on-topic question (even if not selected) will receive a Trove Pack


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may i have a fying dragon


The only thing I want to know is when can you make a NEW PACK?

- Dragon Force Pack

- Diamond Dragon Egg Pack


Please make a PAck like this :)

Do you already have ideas about the next class after the dino one ?

In which worlds can the new biome be found ???

hey! , i really want to know it  they are a new emblems or flask 

2/ new dragons with highest stat or a speed mount with a superior mouvement speed 

3/ in the cosoles we need to create a new account or not

/4 a report system ingame : for expemle. in the challange or group farming the majority of players camp and dont help us in fight.. 

and thanks !! :D 

in regardrds to your third question no you won't have to create a new account however since the consoles are going to have their own server (still unconfirmed as far as i know about cross-console playing but no crossing between pc and console) you will have to start up as a new player for consoles (no characters will cross-over to give an edge on console) and as for items you previously purchased on pc I do not know if they will cross over but in my opinion they should so as not to force the people who played on pc to buy them again on console

Good Day to you guys!
I've decided to focused my questions more on the upcoming New Class, so here we go:

-1st, What kind of weapon will the New Class use?
-2nd, What type of damage would it be based on? Physical or Magical?
-3rd, What type of Class is it? DPS? hmm, a Tank? or a Support-type class?
-4th, Do you think that this new class will entice old and new players to use it?
-5th, If ever it is a Support-type class, would it be possible that it will use a Melee type-Magic based weapon?

I think that's all for now! ^_^
Thanks for this opportunity guys! :D

i do believe it will be a gun because if you go to collections and search dino they accidentally added the Jurassic biome and a dino dartgun to the collections. and as always guns are magic so odds are it will be a magic class

I see, that would be nice haha Thanks!

Will there be any change for health regen for gems?

will the new class ;)


pourqoui vous ne créer pas des nouveaux class comme le boomeranger et un nouveaux type d'armure and sorry


Will there be new items in chaos chests?

Will the new class be console exclusive for a limited time?


thats a no i bet.... be pointless to make a class exclusive to the consoles... now there might be items exclusive to console but this class has been being worked on for at least several months before the announcement of Trove going to console

Would not be "pointless" a timed exclusive would promote Trove on consoles. I'm sure some people would get Trove on console if it meant they could try the new class a week or two early. Also the devs have already done timed exclusives of things, before giving them to the F2P players.

Will the new class be ranged or melee? Does it rely on magic damage or physical damage? Lastly, is it a tank or a damager (idk the term sarreh)?

t(O_O       t)

odds are it's going to be a magic ranged class class. do a seearch for dino in collections and you'll see that they added a new gun ((dino dartgun or something like that) jurassic jungle biome and like all guns it's more then likely going to be magical

What is your idea or concept for incoming updates?, we know that great changes will come to trove more exactly (my thinking) new lore or an adventure that will envolve players into a new universe in which all meaning of trove will change totally and the meaning of things will have a reason, Do you will make an adventure or something like that?, When will be implemented? How long we need wait?... and How about an union with the community in reference to new updates, support teams and translations for example Spanish, Chinese... (there are a lot of people that could help to translate the game, an example of that are the language mods on trovesaurus), Do you will be more open with trove community and their ideas and concepts?

On your opinion: "What is the most difficult and important change that will coming?, What is the great difficulty that you had in the past? and What is the great difficulty that you have (or you will have) now (at future)?"

Why is the PTS server even around anymore if you aren't using it to fix the bugs before they come to Live?

Will there be a way to forge gems?

How will console players be able to communicate? Will there be a preset of chat commands?

Do you believe that the new upcoming class will be as loved by fans like most other loved classes? Do you most fans prefer ranged or melee classes?

Will the new biome have any new features such as a new type of monster that is not just a different skin such as super punchbot 2000 - pound cake?

Will there be new fish in the new biome?

Will the new biome have any new resources and any related crafting related mounts for the new biome / class?

Will the new biome have its own portal or will it be part of the Uber portals?

With a new Class and biome upcoming and through this so much more mastery points availeble, will you up the Mastery-Level-Cap? Also if so, will there be new rewards for mastery lvl? 

Also since there are "lucky" Dragons now (eggs in chests) will there be lucky costumes soon? For example Pinata-Costume drops (Winter Boomeranger from Winter Pinatas, and new ones like Fall-Chronomancer, Spring-Candy Barbarian, Summer-Knight) or Chaos Costumes from Chaos Chests, etc. ?

Also will you add more random Dragon eggs? For example from Chao-Chests or ToW's ?

Will you work on the meta forge? to make it easier to leave and access and just to make it easier to use overall?

and can you do something about the shadow towers not showing which boss tower your at? if invited it only says the uber, but that means it could be 1 of 2 towers?? someone could easily lie about a tower being ultra dotm when really it's pinata and you'll have wasted your time completeting a dungeon you allready did. you won;t even realise untill you've reached the boss room

as for Health regen. are you going to buff it, or is it going to be changed to a new stat completely? if so what will happen to the gems and equipment that have health regen on them?

When will you accept more community-created costumes?

  • Any ETA on the club 2.0 update?
  • Will we be seeing steady adding of new styles/deco in-game in the next patches?
  • Just a suggestion (I don't know if this is even possible), I was thinking if you devs can add like an inbox system to friends. Most of my friends are either dead or I don't catch them online. It would be great to be able to leave messages to them.
  • I've been playing since Beta, and ever since I've been lagging or experiencing high ping. I appreciate your efforts in solving these issues, but is it possible to add Oceania or any additional servers, or just to solve this dilemma?
  • Can you guys do an AMA on /r/Trove? It would be nice to see more activity going on in Trove's subreddit.

what do you think of there being diamond dragon egg fragments as rare drops from empowered gem boxes and you need say 10-50 to make a diamond dragon egg

also please fixe the pirate captain bug where first mate will poof  but still shoot even if i get doubloons

I couldn't decided which to ask so I'm going to leave three. If they only want one question they can choose one or another.


What do you think of he idea of having Class Gems deconstruct into Class Key Fragments?


Many people having been bashing Health Regen saying that it is a useless stat and from my understanding it has already been confiremd you are trying to make the stat better. How do you propose to do this?


Fae Trickster's class gem is held by many to be one of if not worst class gem to the point where many consider it a hindering class gem. Do you plan to change the class gem in response and if so do you propose to change it entirely or only change it a bit?

Any new colour blocks for the new biome? any new weather effect for the new biome?

Are there plans for additional colored names for specific contests/leaderboards, like the purple name for Top 100 on Ultra Daughter of the Moon?

About ST, i think will be nice to change the PR access. for example, do you really think a team of 8 guys 5000 pr cand do sw ultra ?.

So, do you think to put power rank access more real for each ST ?.

Thank you.

(i saiy that because it's frustating when u enter in an all group of 5-6k pr and you are the only one who's deal damage, of course we can help, but not an all group of 5-6k pr XD )

Is the new dino biome its own elemental world where you will be able to get earth gems?

What do you think about having a different seasonal pinata dragon egg drop from the different pinatas? Like an autumn dragon, summer dragon ect

How many dragons and/or classes were you hoping to acheive or build up to? Do you want to have many classes and/or dragons so there is a choice for everyone or are you going to stop making classes/new dragons sometime in the near future? Will popular demand force you to make more classes and/or dragons?

What do you think to make a new mount in the form of a spaceship with the designer of the orb that already exists of mastery ? 

Are there plans for a Halloween event that is different from the previous years?

Shadow Tower:

  • Have we seen Daughter of the Moon's final form?
  • Have you got a sec to hear of our lord and savior, Pinata God?


  • Will you please fix the world loading?  I would like to see where I am going and not have to wait for the engine to play catch up?

can we have double daily loot chests for patron?

Is there going to be an Brazilian/ South America server in the future ?

Will there be any other way of obtaining pearl of wisdow ?

WIll the Biome have more trees than most biomes?

Will the new biome have a terraformer for clubs?

I've heard rumors about a new class called dino hunter? is this true,and why dinos


Will you be adding/changing anything for Patron?

Will you increase the chance for a Pearl Of Wisdom to drop?

Will the new class be a tank or a damager? I really want to know this. :D

Will there ever be a Australian or Asian sever in the future.

Will you ever add more shadow tower bosses, and if so, what will they be?

How many people are working on Trove at the moment?

Do you have any big plan for trove?

When health regeneration will have a buff? I always get gems with hr but I desconstruct them because hr is useless.

Have you ever considered making an in-game tool for creating dungeons, hats, weapons, decorations, etc? Making a direct in-game interface and directly testing creations would increase productivity and popularity. 

Will the new class give you 100% rng when you reach max level xD 

Will there ever be any usable objects? Like making and being able to sit on a chair, turn lights on and off, or consumable food.

Will the new biome have its own new crafting material? Like Bleached Bones in Dragonfire Peaks, Robotic Salvage in Neon City or Glacial Shards in Permafrost?

Will there be any buff for HR?

Will the servers will be upgraded from potato-powered to (at least) hamster-powered?

Little known fact: if you put a 100-tonn boulder on a car - it's not gonna make a car slower, it's gonna make it a pancake. And *then* you'll be unable to fix the car. =)

What weapon the new class it will use? Dino tamer cost 230 credits too?

1 - you guys are sure busy whit the console version, the new class and biome, and a stack of other stuff, but what is your priority list of things to do? remembering there are still some bugs in game who realy need some attention

2 - since the mantle of power come i saw a realy large number of players quiting the game because the exaggerated time farming(gems and dust) and after this the feeling of "nothing changed", with that said, do you have any plans to do something who will make this time you pass farming more interestingor less tiring?

3 - please, decrease the chance of health regeneration on gems, every single time i get a gem whit health regen, it's not a powerful stat like ctrical damage, critical chance, or magic/physic attack, ok, its good to have some but EVERY SINGLE GEM having this it's realy boring and will not help

4- actually exist so many non-tradable itens, and they are accumulating(like dragon coins), and even using they still accumulate, so what do you guys will do about this?


1) Will Dino Tamer's mount(ultimate) have the same movement speed as normal mounts?
2) Will Dino Tamer automatically dismount(ultimate) when he is flying? (Ultimate goes on cooldown when he uses wings??)
3) How far will Dino Tamer's auto attack range be? Is there a difference in the range when unmounted and mounted?

What weapon the new class(dino) it will use? 

does the new class use new weapon?

Question 1: How will you improve the SERVER issues with latency/ping spikes. 

Question 2: Are you going to add a limit/players to each PVE world in this game, because as far from what I observed, if there is too much players (15-20 players) playing in the same world, the ping suddenly rise from 200 to 600-1000Ping and doesn't drop unless there are at least 8-12players playing in that world. Will you fix this issue?

Question 3: Diamond Dragon Egg, when are you going to impliment a system where we can get it from other than the Empowered Gem box. Crafting maybe? or Farming it from a certain mob or something? 

Question 4: MOB Explorations: 
This is a concept that I asked like 2weeks ago from the Livestream and didn't get the answer that i want to. Basically, Like the Elite bosses on the adventure worlds/Ubers, which drops certain rare items such as costumes, styles w/ VFX, Dragon Egg(?) and lots more. Making it more enjoyable to farm worlds with a chance to get a rare drop like those Tough love,Shadow Stain Auras, Mounts:Corgi,Cat,Centaur and Shmeeps. This will make it more enjoyable and rewarding when grinding for gemboxes or leveling classes.

New Class


Can you share some behind-the-scenes class ideas that will never see the light of day?

I'd like to know what they've considered in the past no matter how ridiculous it might be.


First, I wanted to know what the "Earth Dragon" will consist of (crafting resources)

Secondly, I wanted to know when will "Second Stat Reroll" come or any ETA's on it 

1 - I would like to know if theres any hope for a Shadow tower auto party maker.


The spam on shadow tower / global is to much when people want to do normals or even hard modes.

Assembling a team should be for things like ultra since hard mode can easy be done if you ahve 5~7k pr.


2 - I would like to know if there's any hope to improve the ability to hold aggro as a Dracolyte since its suck a good tank but has no way to actually hold the monsters like the candy barb or revenant can.


3 - Any hope for a bigger pvp something big like holding a spot to become a spawner place, them invading enemy defenses / base and doing damage to it more like a pvp-pve aspect destroying structures.


4 - pelase lower the pvp timer for battle boxes more, to get all the boxes in a week i need to play almost 7 hours of pvp that is no good for casual players.

First, I would like to know if there is a new biome can be released or a new portal whose power rank is more superior. and why there is no new gear forged Higher Than Stellar. it's going to be cool

And Thanks

First will rings ever be improved beyond S4?

Second, will the Leaderboard Contest be changed to be more people freindly, ie a UI with more informative tooltips and challenges that require more out of a class then high power rank?

Third, when will the Dragon God be even remotely talked about? (I made this up to make a third but actually a Dragon God fight that can push dragons to a new point would be awesome.)

speak spanish sorry v; Hola me preguntaba si podrian sacar miniujuegos en trove el pvp es divertido pero podrian meter mas modos de juegos (minigames) como parkour y eso v; porfa ya se hace aburrido el juego haciendo lo mismo solo sacan monturas 

Will you ever create a class that can dual weild 2 different types of weapons?

Trove is Memory Monster Now

How to Optizime or Release MEMORY in the future ??

oops ..  "optimize"

will shadow towers ever get an update to make them easier to access

With the release of new biomes and the eventual console release will there be any new objectives added to dungeons other than just a boss or waves?

Before releasing the game in consoles, are you going to improve the servers because of the issues that is happening right now, such as lags, fps drop, etc.?

Do you have any plans to rework any class in the future like the class "knight"?

What could be the advantage of the said "Dino Tamer" class against in any other classes in the game? In PVP, What classes is the Dino Tamer good against at and which classes are good to team up with it 

I know Trove is already a pay to win game but will it become an issue in the future for those players who don't spend money on the game?  

What can you say about the frequent crashes that happens to the players in which some cases the solutions that you give to players aren't working? and will there be a permanent solution of it in the future?



Will there be an higher tier of gear and if yes, please let it be something like cosmic cause that would be awesome.


Are there any plans to do a club ranks and biome permissions overhaul? The permissions gap between architect and officer have caused a huge amount of issues in other clubs from stories I've heard. Perhaps adding a rank as a mid-tier step that can invite people to the club without having the ability to tear down the club world too? A cool biome protection idea could be that biomes are given permissions to specific people instead of certain ranks (With quality-of-life buttons such as "Select All" or "Select Architects" and a search bar).

Would love to see this changed as I'm one of many club leaders that struggle constantly with the current system.

Will there be a fishing bonus added in the Patron Bonuses in the future?

How many Dragon's (without counting this what are already in game) they're plans put to Trove and whether it be any Dragon's what will have also Fledgling and Adult Form's or only Legendary version where we will need only egg and Dragon Coins ?

When will we be able to use Megaflux tanks as currency on the marketplace?

Since it's been mentioned that the devs want up to 24 classes eventually, it's inevitable that higher max Mastery Levels and higher tiers of Rarity in equipment will be included, as well as a potential for a U10 Adventure World. My question is if this new world will be slightly different. Since most adventure worlds are just dungeons and bosses, maybe a higher tier (or even a new world altogether) would have something like random spawn bosses (but a high chance, in exchange for no specified spawn spot). I think it would be an interesting grind.

My main question is still will pc players ever get the option to transfer (after the majority on console have caught up obviously) to a console of their choice like the developers of Defiance did for console players transferring to pts on pc

Is the "Fort" Dungeons coming anytime soon or are they lost in the void of Trino?

Also, any ETA on Gem stat rerolls that you mentioned in a stream?

How much class will there be in the future?

I need to know if the console players can play with the PC gamers together? Does this work in future, or have the console gamers to play a separate one?

They've already answered that one... Consoles will have their own servers and no progress will be carried over from pc to the console server... now as for if ps4 and xbox one can play together I'm not sure

Could you show in a streaming the ultimate dino tamer animation??

Could you also show the animation of hydra boss with texture??