Mew2ian's Modding Experiences

August 11, 2016 by BigBlackRayquaza

Here I talk about some of my experiences when it comes with Modding in Trove

  • Background
    Hey there~ Mew2ian here! Just your average joe who just happened to take a liking to Trove
    I first discovered Trove Modding by looking through the TroveCreation's subreddit and someone posted a link to costume mods. I then looked through most of the mods in the Mod discussion subforum and I had all these cool ideas for costumes, then BAM! I got addicted into modding in my early days of the game.
    I've created a lot of mods over the past year and here's the forums page where I listed all the mods that are posted on the mod subforums. I am currently working on some new dance pads (Collaboration with Spree) but right now I can't finish it due to personal stuff
  • Tools & Methods
    Most of the mods I've created are made using MagicaVoxel but for the past few months I've transferred to Qubicle 2.5 (Thanks Yaoxi ^_^)

    Video of Cooktastrophe Creation:

    As you can see on the start of the Video, It's best to get every file that's related to the class and arrange them in an orderly manner. (Everything is arranged just like in the Shrekolyte and Pepsi Man pictures)
    Before recording, I already have a good visualization of what the costume would look like and then I start on some of the main files.
    There were some changes while recording because what I had visualized didn't really fit or translate well to a voxel model, like the spoon wings and etc.
    I work around the outside of the base files because it's so much easier, I'd suggest doing the same thing if you're also new to modding. However if you plan to make something very complicated it'd be best to make it scratch, not a lot of people make it at scratch but I do know some people who do that.
    When the costume is finished, I test them all in-game to see if there are any models that have incorrect model placements and clipping to mounted mounts and the ground.
    As for VFX, I can simply recolor and replace textures on some files. Just the basic stuff.

    I have a bit more info on making mods right here, there may be some stuff missing there so it's best to check other people's guide just to be sure :)

    I do also have a short video just for simple recolors for VFX in trove:

    Unreleased Shrekolyte:Unreleased Shrekolyte by Mew2ian

    Unreleased Pepsi Man:
  • How I deploy and draw attention to your mods
    The way I use to draw attention to my mods is very weird... I usually make one of the dumbest things that I think that I can make it look cool (Like maybe the Dance Pad Revolution). I make a few images with photoshop and use my best to get cool font effects on my work (insert mlgwow.gif). I try my best to listen to all the feedback whenever someone would reply to my thread and making changes which would be best needed for everyone, thus leading to more bumps, views, replies and downloads to my mod.
  • Features that I'd love to have from the devs
    I'd love to have a better way to edit/add UI stuff to the game. Such as minimaps and other stuff. I know a lot of other people do also want this too, but currently right now the devs have us limited to only editing designs/colors/pictures to the game's current UI.
    Another feature that I'd really want to have would be that we can make our own rigs, like we can animate our own rigs but those kinds of mods would not change any stats or whatsoever in the game so it wouldn't really be cheating.
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