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Some useful stuff that you should know when creating a mod (based on my experience). Guides

Posted August 10, 2016 by B_Y3LL0W (PC) and viewed 493 times.

Hi there. I'm B_Y3LL0W and here are some tips that you need to know when you create a mod.

Before I start, I want to share with you on how i discovered about modding. I was creating items in the TroveCreations subreddit and see some people posting costumes and mounts. People started commenting on the thread, asking them to use the forums. So, I checked the forums and saw this "Mod Discussion". I clicked on it and saw many costumes and mounts created by the community. Then, I started creating one.

The voxel editing software I used to make my stuff is VoxelShop. Here are the things that you need to know when using VoxelShop.

  • Each qb file you make must only be in 1 layer. Delete any unused layers or you'll have problems converting the qb file to a blueprint file.

  • There is a 3-axis thingy on the top left hand corner of the editing panel.
  • When you convert a blueprint file to qb, the file is always facing against where the blue axis is pointing and the small cross is where the attachment point is supposed to be.
  • Your item has to face where the red axis is pointing.

  • DO NOT use floodfill when you're changing the color of a large volume. It will make the software unresponsive.

Here are some other stuff that you need to know when creating a mod.

  1. Always remember to add an attachment point to your file. If it doesn't have it, just add it.
  2. DO NOT use the color of the attachment point to color your mod. Use a similar color instead by altering the RGB values.
  3. It's better if you follow the width of the stuff you're modding. When I said width, I mean it is either "odd" or "even". A difference of one voxel can affect the quality of your mod.
  4. Some Ball-type(c_mt_ball_) mounts have "scarfs" and some have wings.
  5. Raptor-type mounts(c_mt_raptor_) have two different rigs. The ones that flaps like a bird and the ones that don't.
  6. If you're making a mod that replaces the Baby Punchbot Allies, note that there are two different rigs, the one that has it's "eye" changing size and the ones that does not. I discovered this when I'm making one of my Block Ally mod.
  7. Identify the parts used for the mount you want to replace. This saves your time for not editing unused files.
  8. Some of the models' "ui" file ("store" for some allies) (Example:c_p_gun_slinger_lv3_ui) shhows a fully assembled version of the whole model. You can align the other files with it before you edit them.
  9. The "alpha" material map(_a) is only used for transparent vovels. If your file does not require transparent voxels, you don't have to make this material map file.
  10. The "specular" material map(_s) only applies to "solid" type material maps.
  11. The "type" material map(_t) can be ignored if you don't need glowing/transparent voxels.
  12. Using only the attachment point as a qb file will make your file invisible.
  13. You can include gears(weapons/faces/hats) in your costume mod. You don't have to submit them to the TroveCreations subreddit.
  14. If you don't know how to edit VFX, just leave the vfx as it is. The devs will handle it when your mod gets accepted. Editing VFX is not nessecary anyway.(Does not apply to wings and the Cloud mounts.)


Now you know how to make mods? Don't go yet. Let me share with you on how I deploy my mods and draw attention to it.

I create decent-looking things that people never think of or can't find a solution to making it(For example, I created a manticore mod that replaces a dragon.). I always listen to the community and get feedback from them. I will keep updating the mod until everyone is satisfied with the design. Another thing I do is I introduce my best mods to some youtubers who play the game. Once the youtuber features the mod, my mods will get well known and have more downloads.


I would love to have these stuff from the devs:

  • More rigs so that I can create more stuff.
  • The ability to mod sound effects.
  • An easier way to mod the ui.
  • Special requests for my mods.


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