Login System Changes

August 5, 2016 by Etaew

I've adjusted the way you login to Trovesaurus lately, gone are the Username and Password option, and gone is the social registration and login method. Now we generate links sent to your emails which keep you logged in for 30 days.

What Changed?Top ^


  • Login with Username and Password
  • Login with Social
  • Creation with Social


  • Login with Email Address
  • Email is sent
  • Click link in email
  • Are logged in for 30 days

Why did you change it?Top ^

  • The login system I used (Janrain) started becoming unreliable
  • I couldn't always change the settings for it
  • People couldn't always log in using it (notably recent Facebook)
  • When asking for permissions it used an old site as identifier (daocdb), which caused confusion.
  • Easy to forget the login method and create multiple accounts

What if I didn't have an email address on my account?Top ^

Let me know in Discord or on the forums and if you have a character name set on your account, I'll pop into game to verify you own the account and set the email address for you.

I'm still having problemsTop ^

Let me know, and I can work through the issue with you to try and resolve it.

What are you going to change in future?Top ^

  • I'm probably going to do away with "Usernames" and have everything based off your "IGN" (Character Name)

FeedbackTop ^

Let me know how you feel about the system in the comments below.

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i like the new system you made

I like the new way, but I really dislike the 30 day feature. But yes, I do think the old one was unreliable because if you forgot one of your Social passwords or email, you could be locked out for a while.


Oh why do you dislike 30 days? It's more generous than a lot of sites.

I might set it as a profile option to change the length.

In 30 days I will have to get that email again. Too lazy to do that. XD

The system worked well for me. Is the 30 day login time a set time from when you first click the login link from your email, or if you use the site within that time will that 30 days keep rolling forward without needing to log back in?

If you return to the site within 30 days it will log you in automatically, if you don't return it won't.

If you return within those 30 days it shouldn't extend it.