Arrr! Pirate Captain Class Guide (Skills understanding and Builds - MoP Update)

July 30, 2016 by Zeindrik

A simple guide for Trove's Pirate Captain class users to make their Roger so proud jolly.




Ahoy everyone! This guide aims to help its readers/viewers to have a better understanding/knowledge on how to use the Pirate Captain class and how to build it. 

Have fun mateys and I hope that you will find this guide helpful and that you can learn something from it. Ayeeeee!~

UPDATE: First Mate's duration increases via doubloons and is not based on whether they are attacking or not.
UPDATE: The images server was from Facebook and their url sources expired. Need to use another site for that. XD
UPDATE: Edited the FACE stats section. Credits to "Fruitie" and "Blasphemy" for that. And added the "Arcane Emblem" on the flask section.
UPDATE: Tried and experimented with Prowling Shadow and Samantha on skills and it showed that the turrets' damage will not proc the allies passive. Only the Pretend Pirate's explosion will.


Passive: Plunderbuss

- The Pirate Captain's passive is very unique. This class' energy doesn't have the ability to auto regenerate unlike the other classes. The only way to get/generate energy is through this passive (and from other energy sources/healing like Zealous Emblem). You can get doubloons by auto attacking enemies (using the LMB or normal attack) and when a Pretend Pirate trap explodes. 
- Your normal attacks are slow mid-range attacks (small aoe) but gives you doubloon/s. The more enemies you hit, the more doubloons you'll get.  
- One doubloon gives you 10 energy.

M2 (skill): First Mate

- This skill will serve as your primary damage source.
- This skill has 3 stages and is automatically upgrades by getting Doubloons;
   (1) Weakest stage 
   (2) Second stage (has 1 shield infront of him)
   (3) Last and strongest stage (has 3 sheilds infront of him)
- The Pirate Captain's class gem will let you put TWO active First Mates at the same time. 
- The First Mate's attack speed doesn't scale or is not affected by your attack speed.
- This skill won't consume your energy.

*More information about the Pirate Captain's class gem



1 (skill): Pretend Pirate

- This trap has a Three-Attack-Health-Points. It will explode after this trap is hit three times. (I just rephrased it mate. ;D)
- When this trap's health points is reduced to zero, it will explode and will deal damage to enemies and will give you a doubloon.
- This skill consumes a large amount of your energy.
- The passive effect of Prowling Shadow or Samantha will proc in the explosion done by this skill.


2 (skill): Man O' War

- The Man O' War turret is your strongest skill and is your highest source of damage. (Thanks Cap'n Obvious)
- The turret has a high attack range and can/will attack in an arc or in low angled manner. (You can put it near or far the enemies)
- The Man O' War turret's attack speed doesn't scale or is not affected by your attack speed.
- This skill won't consume your energy.
- You can summon more than one Man O' War Turrets.

*For more descriptive explanations for these skills, you can visit this: 
(NOTE: It says that the Plunderbuss passive may proc in the Man O' War turret's attacks but I tried it several times but I didn't got any doubloon from MoW attacks. So, I'm not sure if the MoW attacks can proc your passive or not)


I strongly recommend to use/get the Pirate Captain Class gem as it will give you a spike increase on your damage output. 

(An image of a Pirate's class gem)

As for the other two remaining sockets, I recommend using the "Cubic Curtain" e.gem and "Stinging Curse" or "Explosive Epilogue" e.gem. 


You should focus on Critical Damage, Critical Hit, and Magic Damage for your gems. You should also try to invest on Maximum HP (raw) or Maximum HP % as you need to go near to your enemies. 


I recommend these equipments for your late game build as a DPS Pirate Captain (CD CH type);
(Stats Priority for me is like this; CD CH MD > ASPD HP HP% > JUMP > MS > HR > EREGEN STABILITY


  • Maximum Health
  • Critical Damage
  • Jump / Magic Find
  • Attack Speed


  • Magic Damage
  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Hit
  • Attack Speed


  • Maximum Health
  • Critical Damage
  • HP %
  • Attack Speed


  • Magic Damage
  • Jump / Magic Find

- The only Ally that I personally recommend is the "Chronomancer Qubesly" for the magic damage bonus and for the cooldown reduction bonus for your Man O' War skill.

- I recommend the "Death Defying Flask" as you're going to build a DPS class and will be squishy. Tho, you can use any flask. Listen to your heart's desires matey~
- As for the emblems, I recommend using any of these;

  • Arcane Emblem - To wreck dem mooooonsters!~ CHAAAARGE! 200% magic amplification, real worth it.
  • Elysian Bandolier and Balanced Elysian Flask - Are good options if you want to have a lot of Man O War turrets active. This is also helpful if you are an end game user and you want to rush normal or hard St's to keep or spam your emblems' advantages.
  • Minion summoning flasks - Cause its cool to see that you have alot of summons! Additional DPS.
  • Zealous/Unyielding/Trailblazing - For emergency purposes.
  • Cooldown and Critical related flasks are great to amplify your overall damage output. (For example; Sure Strike Emblem) 
    NOTE: Chronomantic emblem can let you summon more than one MAN O WAR TURRET.



  • Always check your First Mate if its active (or there are 2 active first mates) or not.
  • Your normal attacks (LMB) may not be as fast and may not have a decent range (mid-range only) but always use it to get doubloons for your First Mates and to generate energy. 
  • First Mate's duration increases or will stay longer if you keep on collecting/getting doubloons. 
  • In long battles, you don't need to spam your First Mate skill as they can be active in a great amount of time as long as you keep on getting doubloons. It is also to preserve them in their 3RD stage and to avoid on resetting them to their weakest stage.
  • Always spam your Pretend Pirate skill as they are very helpful in battles (can serve as a squishy tanks/aggro-grabbers and can save you and your teammates' lives). In Shadow Tower runs, you can see that you can spam this skill so much because of the number of enemies and the span of the battles. Your fingers may sore but believe me, its worth it. 
  • If your ping/internet is unstable, I suggest that you don't spam your First Mate skill along with the Man O' War skill as your ManOWar skill may bug (It will not be summoned but the skill will go on cooldown).


*This guide is made based on my experience using the Pirate Captain class and with my limited knowledge. If you see any error or misleading content, please contact/message me ASAP so I can fix it (THANK YOU!). That's all and goodluck raising your flags lads. :)*


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