Battle Levels

July 29, 2016 by Digiwolf

Battle Levels are similar to Mastery but for participation in PvP. Wins and Losses will help fill the Battle Level bar. Reaching stages in Battle Levels will increase Battle Factor, this determines the maximum amount of Battle Boxes you can earn per week during PvP.

Obtaining Battle Levels

Battle Levels are shown on an XP bar on the results screen at the end of a PvP match. it can also be viewed by a new tab on the character window.

Battle Level Rewards

Level Reward
5 +1 Battle Factor
10 +1 Battle Factor
15 +1 Battle Factor
20 +1 Battle Factor
25 +1 Battle Factor
30 Sorrow of Defeat
35 +1 Battle Factor
40 Glory of Victory
45 +1 Battle Factor
50 War Plane

Completing PvP matches fill an XP bar, when full it rewards a Classic Battle Box.

Battle Factor

Battle Factor determines the maximum number of Battle Boxes you can earn each week. They drop randomly while playing, but you won't get credit towards the next one if you leave games before they end.

Classic Battle Box

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