How to effectively build a Shadow Hunter Solo Farmer

July 20, 2016 by AoiNeko

Shadow Hunter Build Guide


          This guide will let you go through the world of a solo shadow hunter player, this will make your farming easy even without friends to farm with you. Its build is based on Great Amount of Damage and a Sustainable Amount of Health!

The beginning / questions

          Okay, so let's start the guide from the beginning!


       1. What is the Shadow Hunter Class?

     The shadow hunter class is a ranged class used for high dps against any enemy.

       2. Why should I play with Shadow Hunter Class?

     You can easily beat any enemy even when soloing, and its range will prevent you from being caught by any enemy.

       3. What is the best build I can do for my Shadow Hunter?

     It depends on your play style. I prefer this one with Health and Damage, so I can farm without any problems. (I have lag spikes and problem with potion timing). But some players prefer the traditional full damage one, based on Critical Damage, Critical Hit and Physical Damage. (You will need effective dodge timing and flask use if you don't have any tanky class by your side).

       4. Why not build it full damage?

     Why not build it balanced? As I mentioned above, I have lag spikes so it's full damage build can be a problem for me to play, and building it with a sustainable amount of health help me to stay alive and farm effectively. (You will not need perfect dodge timing but probably a good flask use timing.)


shadow hunter, The healthy damage build


       Okay so here we go with the values! (The place of the stats will not change the final build stats)


                                                            Lesser Gems Values


          Lesser Blue Gems Stats:            Lesser Yellow Gems Stats:            Lesser Red Gems Stats:

            Critical Damage %                     %Maximum Health                       Critical Damage %

            Critical Hit %                              Maximum Health (Flat)                 Critical Hit %

            Physical Damage                       Physical Damage                          Physical Damage


                                                        Empowered Gem Values

         Empowered Gems Powers:          Empowered Gems Stats:

           Explosive Epilogue                      Critical Damage %

           Cubic Curtain                              Critical Hit %

           Shadow Blitz (Class Gem)           Physical Damage


                                              Gear (Hat/Face/Weapon/Ring) Values



                Hat Stats:                         Face Stats:                   Weapon Stats               Ring Stats:

        Maximum Health**               Maximum Health**          Physical Damage**         Physical Damage

        Critical Damage %*              Critical Damage %*         Critical Damage %*        Critical Hit %

        %Maximum Health***           Physical Damage             Critical Hit %

        Movement Speed***             Movement Speed***        Energy Regeneration


                                             Ally and Flask Emblems


                  Ally:                                                                     Flask Emblems

      Raptor Berserker (80%)                                Martial Emblem + Vampiric Emblem (70%)

      Bitty Shadow Bro (15%)                                Martial Emblem + Surestrike Emblem (20%)

      Winter/Monarch/Elder Dragonling (5%)        Martial Emblem + Physical Damaging Allies Emblems (10%)


          Flask: The flask of your choice. I recommend you to use the Death-Defying Vial, but if you prefer any other, go ahead.

The * things: *Can be changed during 2nd stats change events and when the item drop. **Cannot be changed, its the default stat of the item. ***You can change based on your play style, put magic find for drops :3



          Energy Regeneration on Weapon: Needed for Sun Snare (Trap Skill) that can help you with large group of enemies.

          Vampiric Emblem: Better than the Surestrike when all your gems are already high level. You will not need those 20% critical hit chance stats and vampiric emblem will help you healing yourself while hitting.

          Class Gem: This build is based on the Shadow Blitz Class Gem (Shadow Hunter Class Gem), so, do not try this build without having the Shadow Blitz Gem.

          Raptor Berserker as Ally: Good for sustain as it recovers 15% of your maximum health when a enemy dies nearby you and gives you movement speed to get away from the enemies if needed.

Other useful guides that might help you on this one


          Gems! How do they work?! By: Pfiffel

          Equipment Stat Rolls By: Etaew


Guide made by AoiNeko

Thanks to Lushie for that amazing Shadow Hunter Art! Here's the link to it: Lushie Shadow Hunter Art

This is a build guide, if you want a leveling strategy guide for shadow hunter, i will be happy to make one. But first, comment if you want it.

I have released a Portuguese Version of this Guider here is the link: Como fazer uma build para Shadow Hunter Solo!

Anything more you think i need to add to this guide? Comment :D

Any mispelled word, please comment.


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In Allies ClusterBomb is better

Been following this build since I hit 5k PR. One thing I noticed is when you're already dishing out tons of damage in the "endgame" with the class gem and the crit hit and crit dmg, you kill enemies so fast they don't need the Sun Snare. I'd recommend putting "***" on that stat since it becomes obsolete. Other than that, thanks a bunch!

The stats are like everywhere I can't even tell which stats are for what...

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