Shadow Hunter - Class Gem Ability

July 19, 2016 by SlipperySlim

This Guide is to Explain how to get a Class Gem and what it Does for the Shadow Hunter.

The Shadow Hunter's class gem is available at 5k power rank. To get the gem, you need a class gem key which is obtained through an empowered gem box. Then, go to the Uber 8 area and go into the Shores of the Everdark portal. If you just got 5k power rank, I recommend getting some people to help you beat the colosseum. The colosseum is a Small Dungeon on the map. Go to and then start it. You need to beat the 3 Shadow Golems and you also have to do be in the dungeon for 60 or more seconds. After you've done that, put the Class Gem Key in your R or T slot and hold that button. You should find a gem on the floor. Press E to get it. Now upgrade it and then put it in your Gem Slot!


Now, the Class Gem ability for Shadow Hunter makes it so you have a Machine gun when pressing the left side of the mouse. The Gem is used well when it has the stats: Physical Damage, Critical Hit, and Critical Damage, which you should also have on your other gems. When you have that, the Shadow Hunter will shoot really fast and deal LOADS of damage.

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