A while ago the Trove team added support for several languages, although English was the only one fleshed out. I've now written a feature on Trovesaurus that will let you create language mods which override the default English Language. You can use "/stringid 1" in-game to show the language keys of each UI element.


Step #1: Login

Make sure you are logged in to Trovesaurus, the tools will only appear for you if you are.

Step #2: Visit Trovesaurus Languages page


Step #3: Select a file to modify

"ui" is most likely the best option for you.

Step #4: Edit Values

  • Press Edit on the values you want to change, and then press Submit to save them.

Note: Your changes are saved to your user account on Trovesaurus, so you can come back to them anytime to continue editing.

Note: Some UI elements will have width restrictions, so your text might not fit inside a button

Note: The maximum length of a string is 255 characters

Step #5: Generate File

  • Press the Download Generated Modified File button to download the .binfab

Step #6: Move File

  • You will need to place the file in your Trove Directory/languages/en/override folder

Note: in most cases you will need to create the override folder yourself.

Step #7: Test

  • Test your changes out in-game.

Other Notes

  • This is a pretty experimental feature, it works in my tests
  • Future patches to language files may require you to re-generate downloads


TaliYuri has been translating some of the UI to Brazilian Portuguese using this tool.


Sgoldik has been translating the UI into Russian

View Current Language Mods


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