Flux Making Galore for All Levels: A Guide For Gardening

July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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Do you want flux FAST? Do you want 225 mastery points (2.25 mastery levels)? Do you not have at least level 150 gardening? Well this is the guide for YOU to do all of these things regardless of your level! This guide does require a bit of patience, but hey, you don't have to be online and you can just rain flux down on your friends as they wonder how you started at 0 flux in the beginning of the week and got 100k flux in ONE MONDAY.

Gardening: Is it worth it?Top ^

When I was playing Trove a few months ago (still a noob) I thought gardening was the most USELESS profession out there because most of the things you crafted were decorative blocks. I asked some people in my club what it was good for. They said mastery (expected but still not worth it) and .... FLUX??????? I was very confused because I thought gardening was just for lolz and bragging rights. Not anymore. Now, I make ~50k on Mondays (bonus drops from gardening) EASILY. No matter what class you are, what level you are, how old you are, how much power rank you are, HOW NOOBY YOU ARE, you can make flux exponentially.

Okay, How do I start getting to this motherload of Flux?Top ^

So you need to get to at least level 150 gardening to be able to start raining flux. Although this may sound hard, it's easy af. I will be breaking down the levels.

LEVEL 0-50: Believe it or not, the baseline for making flux starts here and you actually have to craft a lot of stuff here later on to be banking flux. For now, just craft 50 sponges, which is 100 mushroom chunks and 150 glim. This costs about 375 flux for 75 mastery, which is very nice :D

LEVEL 51-100: For me, this is the most useless level. Just craft 50 lava sponges because they are cheap af. 3 shapestone and 5 glim each (do the math yourself).

LEVEL 101-150: You're almost there! This level is on the same level of uselessness for me as the previous ones, but hey, everyone loves mastery amirite? Craft yourself 50 Plasma Sponges, which are 1 formicite, 1 robo salvage and 2 glim each.

Got it, I'm level 150 Gardening, what next?Top ^

Okay, so this is the part where you might need to buy some resources. Craft as many rich fertilizer plants as you can. And I'm talking like 1000 of them. They grow in an hour, so go do something while you wait, like watching Trove on youtube (I recommend lordfafy). 

Getting matsTop ^

Now you gotta get your hands on those materials to start planting. The plant in this case is Steed Feed Seed. The most efficient thing to do is farm the mats yourself, but if you do want to buy them, here is a price guide of everything.


Mushroom Chunk - 3 flux ea

Sunlight Bulb - 3-4 flux ea

Glim - 1/3 - 1/2 flux ea

Okay, if you do not want to buy these, I made a quick farming guide for these mats down below:


Sunlight Bulb - This is best if you grab some friends. Look on the map and find the biggest patch Peaceful Hills biome that you can find. The sunflower 'monuments' spawn there. It is helpful to have your distance you can see turned up so you can see them in the distance. Try to clear as much as you can. The fastest way to clear them is hopping on a mount and running them over very fast. If you are with a friend, be sure to be ~20 blocks within each other to share the bulbs you harvest.

Glim - 2 words: Fishing, Wednesday.

Mushroom Chunk - Okay, so this I find the hardest to farm. You can plant shady shroom spores, but I have had trouble trying to plant these because I don't know what qualifies as 'dark' so I have not done it. If any of you know how to do it, comment down below please and I'll implement it. For me, I normally buy these or I farm them by clearing dungeons and harvesting the big mushrooms (2 chunks each). In medieval highlands, the mushroom enemies drop quite a lot of chunks after an hour of straight farming. Again, best to be with your friends on this to run through dungeons fast.

Final Step(s) and Some tips for more profitTop ^

Plant your fertilizer. Remember, it is more efficient to craft and plant as many as you can at once. I advise using a club world for this (you can create your own club) where people will not steal your crops. 

Note about club worlds: Private club worlds are nice because if you garden, they have a lot of space and they will always grow. Also, using club chests will give you quite a lot of extra space to store your tradable stuff without worrying that people take them (DO NOT use community chests, the items will expire, only use club and officer chests as the items in them will not expire)

Finally, plant your steed feed. These take 4 hours to fully grow. Again, CRAFT AS MANY AS YOU CAN (as down below).mmmm...gardening

BUT WAIT! Do NOT harvest yet! Although you will still earn a profit, a better way is to wait for Monday to roll around. Monday has 50% extra gardening harvest, giving you more steed feed which is more profit. 


Price: Try to sell each steed feed for 16-17 flux. Don't worry about selling in large quantities, people will still buy them (sold 42k flux of steed feed yesterday).


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Hey the way to farm mushrooms is easy, you've gotta create a little house with absolutely no light, colour of blocks don't matter you just gotta create a base with no windows or doors, you can create doors to enter by layering floors and destroying one block each on opposite sides. (Keeps the light out)