Fishing in Trove: A Comprehensive Guide (updated with Plasma fishing)

July 11, 2016 by technomancer99

Let's be honest here, fishing is like the most boring thing you can do at Trove. Who wants to watch their character stand around and wait for a catch? But it can also be rewarding after obtaining stuff you can get from it.



Fishing was introduced to Trove during the Fish 'n Ships update (March 2015). The point of it is to catch a fish, with the use of a fishing pole and a lure, then deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection. Players can currently fish in water, lava, and chocolate. Plasma fishing will be added soonTM, the Devs just forgot to add it because of all the craziness of MoP ;) This is a meme now boys, the devs just announced Plasma fishing will be added, see this PTS patch or the Producer's Letter for more info. 



To start fishing, you need first a fishing pole and Lure which can be bought from the NPC Saltwater Sam at the Hub. Before you start fishing, be sure that you have equipped a fishing pole and you have lures in your inventory. Now you can cast your lure on a liquid block by pressing the "F" key. Here comes the boring part, you have to wait ~20-30 seconds until you can see the lure splashing. Press "F" to reel the fish, you have ~5 seconds to respond before wasting your one lure. Rinse and repeat until you're all out of lure. Also you can either catch a fish or an Old Boot which is kinda useless (why kinda? You'll see later..)



You can't fish without these. Can be purchased from Saltwater Sam at Hub. They cost 10 Glim each or can be bought in bundles of 9 or 90.



As I stated above, it is used for fishing, duh. All fishing poles give 20 mastery points.

Basic Fishing Pole Water
  • 100 Glim
  • can be bought from Saltwater Sam
Molten Magma Sifter Lava
Candied Fishing Cane Chocolate
Lady of the Lake Catching Enchanted Fishes
Wish Fisher Showing off that you're one of the 1 000 chance to catch this rod or that you like rainbows (cosmetic)
  •  Random drop from fishing all day long
Master Angler's Rod Showing off that you're Mastery rank 120 or you want to look shiny (cosmetic)
  •  Be Mastery rank 120
Chaos Rod Completing the look on Shadow's Disciple (cosmetic)
Frenzied Fisher Showing off that you conquered the boredness in doing the [Platinum Fishing Badge (cosmetic)



These are the ones you want to get.

  • You can't fish if...
    • you have no lure (duh)
    • you have no fishing pole equipped (also, duh)
    • you're underwater
    • the water is Sea of Regret
    • you're riding a moving ship
  • The first time you deconstruct a new kind of fish, it will be added to your collection thus giving you mastery points.
    • 5 mastery points for Common fish 
    • 10 mastery points for Uncommon fish
    • 25 mastery points for Rare fish
  • Every fish you catch has a weight. If you caught a fish that isn't average sized, when the fish is deconstructed it will give you a placeable Wall trophy of that particular fish.
  • You can't sell fishes and fish trophies in the Marketplace (which sucks in my opinion).


Water Fish

A. Common 
1. Jumping Jadefin Anywhere in the water 3 Glim
2. Blue Balladine 5 Glim
3. Violet Verseskimmer 10 Glim
4. Genteel Goldfish 20 Glim
5. Crimson Siltdancer 40 Glim
6. Thalasstian Princess 60 Glim
7. Abyssal Gazer 80 Glim
B. Uncommon
1. Fat Catfish Anywhere in the water

100 Glim

2. Saltwater Swordfish
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Flux
3. Radiant Shardine
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Radiant shards
4. Enchanting Faefish
  • 50 Glim
  • 2 Faerie dust
5. Frozen Orefish
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Glacial shards
6. School of Fish
  • 50 Glim
  • 1 Blank scroll
C. Rare
1. Ancient Seafish Anywhere lacking another rare fish
  • 1 000 Glim
  • 1 Ancient scale
2. Wide-eyed Noobfish Tutorial world (type /tutorial to teleport there)
3. Radiant Dawnfish Sky realm (during day)
4. Radiant Moonfish Sky realm (during night)
5. Gloamfish Cursed vale
6. Weird Fisheye Shadow tower
7. Dry Bones Desert frontier
8. Hub Hugger Hub

Lava Fish

Note: Magma sifter fishing pole must be UNLOCKED to be able to fish on lava, NOT necessarily equipped 

A. Common
1. Balefire Frenzyfang Anywhere in the lava 3 Glim
2. Conflagrating Clam 20 Glim
3. Dancing Dragonfish 40 Glim
4. Fiery Finflapper 5 Glim
5. Igneous Isopod 10 Glim
6. Rainbow-Shelled Turtleling 60 Glim
5. Shadowspawned Trilobiter 80 Glim
B. Uncommon
1. Flamesnout Orefish Anywhere in the lava
  • 50 Glim
  • 5 Primordial flame
2. Formicite Orefish
  • 50 Glim
  • 5 Formicite
3. Glass Gazer
  • 50 Glim
  • 3 Bottle
4. Infinium Orefish 
  • 50 Glim
  • 5 Infinium
5. Lava Lancefish
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Flux
6. Pressurized Coalfish
  • 50 Glim
  • 1 Diamond
7. Shapestone Orefish
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Shapestone
C. Rare
1. Ancient Lavarider Anywhere in a lava lacking another rare fish
  • 1 000 Glim
  • 1 Ancient scale
2. Charred Hub Hugger Lava in the Hub 
3. Flameroasted Noobfish Lava in the Tutorial World (type /tutorial)
4. Frigid Firefish Lava in the Permafrost
5. Soaring Flamefish Lava in the Sky Realm
6. Tropical Volcanofish Lava in the Treasure Isles


Chocolate Fish

Note: Candied fishing cane must be UNLOCKED to be able to fish on chocolate, NOT necessarily equipped

A. Common
1. Mint Choctacoise Anywhere in chocolate 3 Glim
2. Blueberry Pie-ranha 5 Glim
3. Pygmy Plum Pike 10 Glim
4. Orange Marlingue 20 Glim
5. Cherry Jellyfish 40 Glim
6. Sour Skate 60 Glim
7. Reef Liquoral 80 Glim
B. Uncommon
1. Crawling Cupcake Anywhere in chocolate
  • 50 Glim
  • 3 Wild Cupcakes
2. Fudgsicle Fish
  • 50 Glim
  • 3 Enchanted Wood
3. Candycap Mushfish
  • 50 Glim
  • 3 Mushroom Chunks
4. Candied Cutterfish
  • 50 Glim
  • 10 Flux
5. Rich Browniemone

100 Glim

C. Rare
1. Ancient Chocolurker Anywhere in a chocolate lacking another rare fish
  • 1 000 Glim
  • 1 Ancient scale
2. Blue High Flying Cotton Candish Height requirement of 200 or above. 50% chance you catch a Pink Candish instead
3. Pink High Flying Cotton Candish Height requirement of 200 or above. 50% chance you catch a Blue Candish instead
4. Pressurized Gobfish Anywhere but Hub World (Height requirement of 20 or below)
5. Popular Poptopus Club world
6. Chocodile Candoria 


Plasma Fish

Note: N-0 Depth Scoper must be UNLOCKED to be able to fish on Plasma, NOT necessarily equipped

A. Common
1. Jade Neon Darter Anywhere 3 Glim
2. Coldsteel Exofish 5 Glim
3. Ultraviolet Neon Ray 10 Glim
4. Bronze Neon Drumfish 20 Glim
5. Carmintine Crab 40 Glim
6. Paragon Prismopod 60 Glim
7. Shadow Angler 80 Glim
B. Uncommon
1. Neon Infinewtie Anywhere 50 Glim
2. Sophisticated Catphish
3. Bug-Infested Alphafish
4.  Closed Betafish
5. Terabyte Turtle
C. Rare
1. Petrified Pufferfish Anywhere
  • 1 000 Glim
  • 1 Ancient Scale
2. Zapparapa Eel
3. Neon Knightfish Anywhere in a plasma lacking another Rare fish
4. Protonic Piranhite Neon City
5. Octo-BUS Drone Shadow Arena/Dungeon
6. LED-Lit Lionfish Forbidden Spires


Enchanted Fish

Note: Lady of the Lake fishing pole must be EQUIPPED; Can be also be caught in lava, or chocolate, it's not only limited to water

1. Frog Prince Fae Wilds
2. Phoenix Fish Dragonfire Peaks
3. Witchly Anemone Cursed Vale
4. Gryphish Anywhere except for the 3 biomes mentioned above; Height requirement of 200 or above
5. Deep Sea Merthing Anywhere except for the 3 biomes mentioned above; Height requirement of 20 or below



Bronze Fishing Badge 100 items
  • 25 Cubits
  • 20 Mastery points
Silver Fishing Badge 500 items
  • 100 Cubits
  • 20 Mastery points
Gold Fishing Badge 1 000 items
  • 250 Cubits
  • 20 Mastery points
Platinum Fishing Badge 2 000 items
Diamond Fishing Badge 5 000 items
Obsidian Fishing Badge 15 000 items :O



  • As I mentioned above, you don't need the lava, chocolate and plasma fishing poles to be equipped when fishing on those respective liquids.



  • Type /debugtext (not really recommended since the the UI overlaps with the character level An update was made to move the text below the Mastery rank bar) or /loc to determine the elevation of the area you're on. Or just take a look the numbers above your compass (the coordinates to be exact)


  • An Old Boot isn't completely useless, you need to it to be able to craft these allies.


  • It's recommended to fish during Wednesdays because of the daily bonus, +50% faster fishing. Sorry dudes, devs changed the Daily Bonus on Wednesday, its now Gem Boxes. The devs brought it back! Try to fish on Tuesdays to take advantage of the faster fishing bonus. Also, you can fish faster with Patron or with special weekly events.


  • Type /join fishing to join the fishing channel! Helpful if you need a fishing buddy or something.


  • Fishing can be less boring! Some people put Trove in windowed mode and move it to the half of your screen and use the other half to open Youtube or whatever. BUT BE WARY THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. (Nah just kidding DON'T EVER DO THIS, well you can just don't blame me) 


Have I made you realize that fishing isn't that boring? Or at least another way to collect materials? Well then, use your newly accumulated knowledge to get that one rare fish you don't have! I'll try to keep this thing updated and thanks for reading! :>



  • 2018-07-22 = cleaned up the 'tips' section
  • 2017-03-08 = added the thing about A. & E. scales and also the coordinates thingy
  • 2017-03-11 = changed the images of fishing poles to a more... ahem clear one; added  the 'Badges' section
  • 2017-10-24 = added info regarding Plasma fishing announcement
  • 2017-11-25 = added Plasma fishes
  • 2017-11-27 = adjusted links to fishes & fixed tables for dark mode
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In my opinion fishing is now not efficient method like few months ago

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The Closed Betafish grants 5 golden seashell; the Neon Infinewtie grants crystallized cloud (2?) along with the glim. Sophisticated Catphish gives 3 robotic salvage.

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The  LED-Lit Lionfish can be fish in FS biome 

i got one   

doesn`t find plasma in FS dungeon yet 

but can get some when FS near neon city


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I don't feel like the information regarding the Blue and Pink High Flying Cotton CandishesBlue High Flying Cotton Candishes is correct. 

I have only cought the Blue Candish at night and the Pink Candish during the day. If you fish for these above 200 in Candoria, you'll be at cloud level. You'll notice that the clouds are pink during the day, and they are blue at night.

This is probably why a lot of people report not catching the Blue Candish as much.

Excuse the copy/paste error, but I think it makes sense still.

I was wrong... just cought a blue during the day.

I'm down to 4 Enchanted Fish left to be caught of all, by following this. But:

1. When you say on the Pink High Flying Cotton Candish that "50% chance you catch a Pink Candish instead", I think you meant Blue Candish, right?

2. You didn't say whether Enchanted Fish can only be caught on water, or on lava and chocolate as well. I think that info would be really helpful

Thanks for the great guide!

Sorry for the late reply, I don't play Trove as much as before but here goes..

  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I did meant to type: "50% chance you catch a ~~Pink~~ Blue Candish instead" I have edited the guide to fix this.
  2. I was unaware of that info, I'll add that as well.

Glad to know that my guide was able to help you ^_^