Radiant Gear forging from scratch

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This will teach you how to forge Radiant Gear. I understand it is over down, but newer players who wants good gear doesn't know how to get it. So I will help them with getting so.

Hello. I am about tell you about how to forge radaint gear. This is an mid to end game guide, so new players, just leave. There are many materials you will need. This is include the following.

  • 3 Penta forge shadow souls
  • 2 Quad forge shadow souls
  • 2 Thrice forge shadow souls
  • 2 Twice forge shadow souls
  • 3 Purifying dragon flames
  • A shadow level gear of any shadow level
  • A forge
  • Lots of eyes of Q'bthulhu. You need at least 1000-5000
  • Lots of flux. Be ready to farm for flux. You will quickly know that you need a lot.

So. I won't be telling you how to craft a forge since everyone has, so I assume whoever is reading this has a forge.

Shadow Souls

To get any of the shadow souls, you must salvage a shadow gear that is higher that shadow level 1 in the Loot Collector.

For example:

I must get a shadow level 2 piece of gear and salvage it to get a twice forged soul.

Purifying Dragon Flame

To get a Purifying Dragon Flame, go to the hub and to the Dragon Crucible.

It costs:

  • 300 Radiant shards
  • 50 Primordal Flames

I recommend just buying a stack of 1000 shards of the market, or you can farm Radiant Shards in the Sky Realm.

Penta Soul

A Penta Soul may be hard to come by, and 3 is worth 66,000 flux (about).

So if you don't want to spend 66,000, then forge 3 pieces of shadow level gear into shadow level 5 gear. I did, but it costs roughly the same amount.

I would recommend buying shadow level 4 gear and start leveling them up to shadow 5 and then salvaging it. This however, is more time consuming.


Once you have gotten all the stuff, start forging.

One quick note is that once you get radaint gear, you can change the arua in the Enchanted forge (Optional). So there you go champ! See you with Radaint Gear.


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