Neon Dragon

July 22, 2015 by [Deleted User]

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The Neon Dragon Ascension was available from July 22, 2015 and culminated in the obtaining of the Lambent, the Neonlord legendary dragon.


IntroductionTop ^

A smoldering new dragon is soaring into Trove! For a limited time only, you’ll be able to obtain a sleek Neon Dragon Mount and rule the night skies.

Lambent, the Neolord, the elusive, legendary dragon has reared its head! Raise this fierce beast from a young, cuddly dragonling into the fabled firebreather it’s meant to be and earn a loyal flying friend for life. It’s a master of flight, but it’s not flighty, so rain firestorms down upon your foes and show them how to fear the might of all dragonkind!

To earn this magnificent mount, you’ll need to complete Challenges to obtain Dragon Caches. Unlock your first Dragon Soul from these Caches to obtain the Neon Dragonling Ally. Continue to earn and feed Dragon Souls to your Ally until it grows into the Neon Dragon Mount. Then watch as it flourishes (after eating 100 Souls) into a full-fledged flier: Lambent, the Neolord!

While we have raised the number of Dragon Souls required to get one of these mounts, we’ve also significantly increased the likelihood of obtaining Dragon Souls from Dragon Caches and removed the need to craft Dragon Souls from Dragon Essences! As a bonus, we’ve also added a whole range of mysterious (and awesome) rewards the more Dragon Souls you acquire.

Unfortunately, with the rise of Neon Dragon, comes the decline of the Azulian Dragons. You will no longer be able to earn Azulian Dragon Souls, however, if you still want to obtain Azorian the Blue, we’re adding a way for you to exchange Dragon Coins for them instead!

Neon Dragon AscensionTop ^

Unlocked by opening Neon Dragon Cache, no longer accessible.

Neon Dragon Souls are still available to craft in the Dragon Crucible (in the Hub) for:

  • Dragon Coin x2
  • Golden Soul x1
  • Robotic Salvage x15
Dragon Souls Reward
1 Helm: Neon Dragoncrown
5 Ally: Neon Dragonling
10 Mount: Neon Fledgling

Neon Arsenal:

90 Mount: Lambent the Neolord

On unlock grants a permanent:

  • 5% Energy Regeneration
  • +1 Jump
  • +50 Magic Find


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