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Chloromancer Radiant Giant Farming. Guides

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Ok my husband and i found a great way to farm raidiant giants useing chloromancers.


First off you go to skyrelm and find a giant befor you get fight the giant you need to make a 4X3 hole that gose 5 deep you need to make sure your doing this in a thick part of the island or youll fall through to your death.


Now that you have the 4x3 and five deep hole you need to make your Giant Angry by shooting him with your staff.

After you do that you jump in the hole and wait for the giant to fallow you thier after the giant gets in the hole you jump out.

Once your out of the hole you start throughing in flowers by bouncing them off the wall your flowers will do most of the damage but its still a good idea to shoot the giant as well and it will go fast depending on your level. i sugest being able to uber 5 Befor soloing giants.


(NOTE! This teqnique DOSE NOT work on giants that can teliport thier are some out thier but very rare and watch out for the ones that can suck you into the hole) I hope you Enjoyed my thread and hope its informational :)

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