Unlock the Chloromancer for Free by Playing RIFT and Other Crossover Rewards

July 11, 2016 by Etaew

RIFT has added two new Trove crossovers, you can unlock the Chloromancer class in Trove from RIFT by talking to a NPC, and unlock a Peaceful Hills dimension in RIFT by leveling in Trove.

Unlocking ChloromancerTop ^

Finding Chloromancer Evort as Guardian

As a Guardian head to Sanctum, if you have just completed the tutorial you will have to brave level 14ish npcs on the road, if you stick to solid paths there are more chance they have been cleared.

As you cross the bridge into Sanctum, head to the right around the statues to the left of the green topped structures.

Chloromancer Evort is standing next to some reindeer in the location.

Finding Chloromancer Evort as Defiant

As a Defiant you will need to head to Meridian

From the entrance to Merdian you will want to reach the next archway and turn right

This is the next archway, turn right

Here he is, right in the corner.

Get the Quest

Just speak to the NPC and you will be offered a quest, talk to him again to complete the quest.

Use the Item

You will find the cube placed in your inventory, open it and right-click it to unlock the class in Trove.

Other Crossover RewardsTop ^

These are found on a mailbox

Dimension: Peaceful Hills

Obtained by: Reaching level 5 in Trove

Cubic Cloak

Obtained by: Reaching level 10 in Trove

Mount: Vox

Obtained by: Reaching level 20 in Trove.

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do you need to complete something first cuz i found him but can't get the quest yet (EDIT: FIXED IT!)


Can this still be done?

liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

can this be done still?

It should still be available to complete.