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So basically Mastery is one of the main aspects of Trove, ever see those guys in chat with yellow names? Well i am going to show you how to be like them.


Mastery is no simple task. It can take months to master mastery! If you want to check your mastery level you either enter the command /mastery or you press C and look near the top. If you press the trophy icon on C then it shows you your progress, each mastery level requires 100 points, now I will tell you how to get mastery.



Style Saving= 1 point

Recipies= 2 points

Common Fish= 5 points

Uncommon Fish= 10 points

Rare Fish= 25 points

Common Allies= 10 points

Uncommon Allies= 20 points

Rare Allies= 50 points

Common Sails= 10 points

Uncommon Sails= 20 points

Rare Sails= 50 points

XP Level Up= 15 points

Common Tomes= 20 points

Rare Tomes= 200 points

Flasks & Emblems= 25 points

Costumes= 25 points

Mounts= 50 points

Fledgling Dragon= 50 points

Mag Riders= 50 points

Common Boats= 50 points

Rare Boats= 100 points

Profession Tier= 75 points

Wings= 100 points

Adult Dragons= 100 points

Max Level= 125 points

Legendary Dragon= 250 points



So hopefully I have helped and told you what mastery is and how to get it. If I could, i would have said the rewards for each mastery level but then my guide would go on for another 200 lines. So maybe I might do another guide later on telling you about that. But anyway, good luck and I hope I will see more people with yellow usernames!

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