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July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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In this guide, we'll be covering on how to equip allies and the very basic of they're purposes aswell as they're bonuses. For a full guide, click on the links provided in this guide

What are "Allies"?

Allies are pets basically, they're sole purpose is to aid our dungeon clearing quests. Allies are divided into many sections each ally having a different unique buff. The first ally you'll usually obtain is probably a "Qubesly".

Allies from the Treasure Isles section give a extra additional buff depending on which species / category they're at. Here's a look on all of them.

Qubesly: Give an extra Cooldown Speed boost highest of 25%

Butterfly: Give an extra chance of a healing flower to spawn when attacking

Raptors: Gives a small porton of health and speed boost when enemy dies

Cats: Gives a extra vampiric effect to user highest of 2.2% that drains HP when damaging enemies


How To Equip Allies?


  1. Press C in the keyboard 
  2. Next click on the Ally Button the top side
  3. Choose an ally from the categories that suits you best
  4. Done.


How To Obtain Allies?

Allies can be obtained in many ways, some can be troublesome but most of them are obtained through the opening of Soultraps which can be bought from Pirate Vendors at Treasure Isles with a fee of 300 Glim.


What Bonuses do They Offer?

I can't cover them all here so click here to go to my other guide where I'll be covering all of them...yes all. But please not it is incomplete and still at Work In Progress so keep updated from time to time.

Trove Allies Encyclopedia (Unfinished)

Or if you want a full source table of all the allies, click here

Trovesaurus Allies Table

That's all a for today folks, see you later.


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