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July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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This guide is to help all Trovians out there on how to obtain Allies and what use they offer. Rate and leave a comment down below...I appreciate it and see you all later mates.


6 December 2015
  • Added "Classy Kiwi" and "Doctor Qubesly" to Promo
  • Added "Rascal Raptor" and Elder Dragonsquire" and "Eggnog" to Rare
  • Added new category "Qubesly" although uncomplete
  • Added "Graduate Qubesly" and "Chef Qubesly" in Qubesly Section

Allies of Trove


Today I'm gonna cover up all the allies that are currently in Trove, now I am gonna divide these allies up into sections to make this guide a little bit more neat and organized as that's how I work. Previously named Pets, the 1/28/15 patch renamed these useful pals to Allies.  They're divided into categories based on their type, and each kind of ally has a special ability.  Rarer allies will have more powerful stats than their common counterparts. Allies are tradeable, and adding them to your collection grants you 10 Mastery points for common, 20 for uncommon, and 50 for rare.

Sector 1: Boots

Boots are one of the many allies in Trove, they are all crafted at the Nautical Assembler found in the Hub right in front of Saltwater Sam's Shack full of goodies. To craft these allies, make sure you have some Old Boots from fishing.

A). Bounding Boot


The "Bounding Boot" is the easiest boot ally to craft as it is relatively cheap with the crafting requirements of:

1 Old Boot

1 Golden Soul

50 Glim

This ally will only give you 8 jump once equipped into the Ally Slot.


B). Cardio Companion

This ally is a better version of the "Bounding Boot" and it has a cheap crafting recipe which is:

1 Old Boot

5 Golden Soul

150 Bleached Bones

150 Mushroom Chunks

When equipped, this ally gives you 8 jump, 4% additional max health aswell as 8% additional health regeneration.


C).  Foreman Footwear

This ally is well, you guessed it a Diggsly inside a boot...but nonethless this ally is quite useful for mining excavations and its crafting recipe seems normal but quite challenging, why you ask? Well its because it requires a Diggsly which can take time to obtain and not to mention the ores needed to collect. To craft this ally, you're gonna need these items:

1 Old Boot

1 Diggsly

15 Golden Soul

1000 Shapestone

500 Formicite

250 Infiinium

Personally, a basic Diggsly seems way better for me rather than crafting this and wasting ore resources but you can craft this just for collection and mastery. This ally offers 8 jump and 25 lasermancy.


D). Sorcerous Shoe

This ally is exceptionally good for Magic Damage based classes such as the Fae Trickster, Ice Sage, Dracolyte, and so on forth. The "Sorcerous Shoe" has a intermediate crafting recipe which contains:

1 Old Boot

5 Golden Soul

150 Faerie Dust

Once equipped, this shoe will offer you 8 extra jumps and additional 8% Magic Damage boost.


E). Steely Sabaton

Similar to the "Sorcerous Shoe" , this particular ally is best suited for Physical Damage based classes such as the Knight, Candy Barbarian, Boomeranger and so on. To craft this boot, you're gonna need these materials:

1 Old Boot

5 Golden Soul

150 Faerie Dust

This ally will give you 8 jump and a 8% Physical Damage boost which is simple enough.

And that marks the end of the Boot Allies, these allies are useful in mobility with they're jump along with additional stat boosters. Personally I use the Cardio Companion a lot more than the other ones just because of its buffs.


Sector 2: Dragons

Dragon Allies are obtained by consuming Dragon Souls or by other special methods. These fearless allies all range in different types and now we'll take a closer look at them together.

A). Azulian Dragonling

This is one of the oldest and first Dragon Allies and is obtained by consuming 1 Azulian Dragon Soul which is currently only craftable by using a Dragon Crucible found in the Hub with the following materials:

2 Dragon Coins

1 Golden Soul

50 Glacial Shards

Once equipped, this ally will grant you a 8% damage reduction, a 10% cooldown speed boost and a chance of damaging enemies with fire when attacking.


B). Neon Dragonling

This is the 2nd of the Dragonling allies, it's based off on the Neon City of Trove and it is obtainable by consuming/ascending 5 Neon Dragon Souls which can be crafted at the Dragon Crucible using the following materials:

2 Dragon Coins

1 Golden Soul

15 Robotic Salvage

This ally will grant you a +5 Attack Speed, +4 Movement Speed and of course a 10% cooldown speed boost aswell as chance of damaging enemies with fire when attacking.


C). Ancient Dragonling

This is the 3rd of the Dragonling allies, it is obtainable by consuming/ascending 5 AncientDragon Souls which can be crafted at the Dragon Crucible using the following materials:

 2 Dragon Coin

1 Golden Soul

50 Mushroom Chunks

This ally will grant you a +10 Max Energy and of course a 10% cooldown speed boost aswell as chance of damaging enemies with fire when attacking.


C). Moonwing Dragonling

The 4th of the Dragonlings, this radical ally is also wait it's the exact same thing as the Azulian Dragonling...but here's the crafting recipe nonetheless:

2 Dragon Coin

1 Golden Soul

20 Faerie Dust

Its buff is similar to the Azulian Dragonling which is to reduce 8% damage reduction, a 10% cooldown speed boost and a chance of damaging enemies with fire when attacking.


D). Bone Dragonling

The latest dragonling is this undead fella right here, he is currently obtainable until next week or so before getting switched out with the new dragon. You only need to consume 5 Bone Dragon Souls to unlock this ally. It offers a bonus +10 Critical Damage, and a 10% cooldown speed bonus aswell as chance of igniting enemies on fire when attacking.


E). Monarch Dragonling

This dragonling is unique to say the least and in order to obtain this ally, you have to be at Mastery Rank 130. From what we know this ally offers both a 8% boost to Physical Damage and Magic Damage aswell as a 10% reduced cooldown speed and not to mention a chance of igniting enemies on fire when attacking.


F). Elder Dragonling

Similar to the Monarch Dragonling, this ally offers the same buffs except that this one is actually obtainable by referring the game to a friend but that is not all... the referred person has to reach Mastery 20 or 30 then you'll get the Elder Dragonling as a reward. To refer a friend, just simply go to and send a email to your friend. :D

And that marks the end of the Dragonling Allies, these allies are useful in combat with they're own buffs. I rarely use these allies besides the Elder Dragonling and Bone Dragonling as they're one of my personal favourites due to the buffs they offer..remember this is my personal opinion.


Sector 3: Promotional Allies 

This section of the guide is for all those promotional allies which you get by either participating in a program or purchasing it in a special pack. Personally I think these allies are just for collection but then again some might be useful.

A). Qubeta v0.1

This is a unobtainable ally now as it's only obtainable by participating in the BETA version of Trove which was before 12 July 2015. I particularly happen to have this ally and I never actually use him as his buffs are pretty useless and can be replaced with better allies. He grants in +3 Energy Regeneration in which other allies can be better than him...but he is cool looking though.


B). Companion Cube

Boy oh boy this ally is cool and he's actually pretty useful. You can get this ally by actually buying the Arcanuim Expedition Pack from Steam or by opening a "The Orange Block" lootbox...yeah. This ally does offer a +30 Magic Find bonus which can be useful and this bad boy/girl (it) can be for just collection if you're interested in that.


C). James Joystick

Another ally that is promotional and obtainable...well was obtainable by donating $25 to Team Trion during Extra Life 2014. This ally is rarely seen and offers a +6 jump buff which is worst than the "Bounding Boot". But still this ally is cute and one of my personal favourites just from looks.


D). Classy Kiwi

 Apparently this is a ally obtainable through Reedemable Codes from the Community Manager of Trove kiwi_bird. What's amusing is that this is a bird with a top hat and the colour of a kiwi which is highly referencing kiwi_bird. This ally grants +5 Critical Damage and +3 Movement Speed, although I didnt know this ally till I hit up the wikia.


E). Dr Qubesly

Don't you worry mates, you're in good hands with this Doc on your literally he is one of the best Max Health boosters in the game and not to mention you can have more Max Health boposters on your equipment stats. This ally gives you a +10% Maximum Health along with a +10% Health Regeneration and a +10% Cooldown Reduction. Sadly to get him you had to participate in the Extra Life Gaming Event and donating to Team Trion.

And so, that's all of the exclusive Promotional Allies out there now on to other allies. But wait...let me give you my personal opinion, these allies are unique but have a less use and maybe just for collection but I like these allies nonetheless


 Sector 4: Rare

Allies in here are all about hard to get, some can be found in lootboxes and others well are promotional from packs and even a few are obtained through special ways.

A). Baby Punchbot

Aww~ this ally is so cute....*cough*. I mean this ally is one of my personal favourites and it is obtainable right now during Alpha Mode of Trove which is after 12th of July 2015. It offers you a bonus of a +3 Physical Damage stat.


B). Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a ally obtainable from Chaos Chest / Golden Chaos Chest when it is in rotation. Currently it'll be in rotation soon once the Wings of Shadowy Descent comes down to Trove. This ally grants a whopping +50 Magic Find which is the highest of it's kind ingame. Magic Find really helps on finding higher grade equipment out on your adventures.

 C). Diggsly

Diggsly is a ally obtainable from opening Miner's Trove which is acquirable through mining ores. Diggsly's help a lot in mining as they offer a +35 Lasermancy stat boost.


D). Rascal Raptor

An ally I'm not too sure where to obtain but it says on both the Trove Wiki and Trovesaurus that it was obtainable in some Alpha Pack and currently unobtainable. Once equipped, he'll grant a +3 Movement Speed. 


E). Elder Dragonsquire

This bad boy is a cool one..and to top it off....a troublesome one to get unless you're popular or lucky enough to get 3 Referrals and having them reach Mastery 20 and I believe they changed the Mastery Limit on the Refer-A-Friend program. This ally grants you the same buff as a Qubesly which is +7 Superstition, a stat that most of us can only speculate on what it can do. Although the Devs hinted it's a stat where you might not take damage when an enemy is attacking...superstitious that is. Well granted his buff is quite unused but nonetheless he's a cool looking squire or should I say square...Ha Ha Ha ~ , what no? Oh well moving on to the next ally...

F). Eggnog

Did you have a good time during winter? Plans to celeberate Christmas in Trove? Ho Ho Ho this bot will help your needs during Christmas Adventures, well not quite though. This ally was obtainable through an Alpha Pack which means now he is currently unobtainable. This ally gives you a +3 Physical Damage and to me this ally is probably a Collector's Item or something like that and not for literal usage.


And so that marks the last of the RARE allies in Trove, to me these allies can be useful sometimes and other times they are only used as collections and so on. But they're cool and deserve respect and awe's. Now moving on to the next category of this guide :D


Sector 5: Qubesly's

Qubsley allies feature cooldown reduction, up to a maximum of about 25%, they're obtained through trading with Pirates from Treasure Isles...they'll take in 300 Glim for a Soultrap. Note that only Uncommon and Rare Qubesly's will have the special extra ability.


A). Graduate Qubesly

Get the celeberatory beer and pop the bottles mates! It's graduation day and for this Qubesly it's time to help out the Trovians do they're work, adventuring and clearing dungeons for the fun of it. This ally is a common drop from opening a Qubesly Soultrap obtained by trading with a vendor at Treasure Isles. He grants in a +68 Magic Damage and +2 Movement Speed thanks to the knowledge he learned at college.


B). Chef Qubesly

What's cooking? This guy is cooking the best meal on the block and he's about to share it with you folks in town. He like the other Qubesly can be obtained from the Qubesly Soultrap and he is a common drop and my first Qubesly Ally so he's pretty common to see. He grants us a +24 Health Regeneration and a +28 Energy Regeneration which is useful for most classes that require High Energy to be functional such as the Knight or Candy Barbarian. Mmmm, now I'm hungry thanks to this guy....


C). Builder Qubesly

If you're looking for a handyman for your cornerstone reconstructions during you adventures, this is the man for the job. This ally like any other Qubesly's can be obtained by opening a Qubesly Soultrap and he is a Common drop from the lootbox. Once equipped he will grant a +136 Physical Damage boost which can be handy if you dont have a better Physical Damage boosting ally such as Raptor Berserker and such.


D). Graduate Qubesly

It's graduation day, ascend your caps and let the holiday joy pour in...especially for this recently graduated Qubesly. He is a common drop from the Qubesly Soultrap lootboxes and will grant us some useful knowledge not only that, he'll buff us up with +68 Magic Damage and a +2 Movement Speed. This ally will come in handy for magic users.



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