Reaching Mastery 5 (Quick and Efficiently) for Alternate Accounts

July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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Have you started playing Trove but want to gather materials faster? Then read this!

You may have thought about an idea many people think of, which is to create an alternate account and multilog to farm. Although this topic of multilogging is widely debated about, Trion and Trove devs have confirmed that IT IS ALLOWED.

Recent updates to the Trove game lead to a change in the way players trade and use chest. While before there was no level requirement to use club chests or trading post, a requirement of atleast Mastery 5 was added. This causes a player to not be able to trade any mastery giving items to the alternate account until Mastery level 5 and thus you have to GRIND for it. Also, you cannot drop trade any items since dropping is now disabled.

How to reach Mastery 5 quickly:

Note: To check current Mastery Points type /mastery (400 points are needed for level 5)

Level and experience indicated in red box.


Step 1:

Reach level 10.

This may sound like a grind but it is not that long and it is the fastest way to get many mastery points. I recommend to level up until 10 since each level is 15 points and level 10 unlocks a costume which is 25 points additionally.

This step, Levels 2-10, will grant you: 160 Mastery Points.



Step 2:

Complete all beginner quest OR all quests until you have 4000 cubits. (I recommend to save glim for step 4 and not use it to complete the fishing quest)

Once you have these cubits you can quickly buy any of the mounts (your choice). This is the most efficient way to spend cubits if all you are looking for is mastery level 5.

Bonus: If you are very lazy to do the remaining steps, log in for daily cubits and you can unlock additional store mounts while completing step 1 at the same time.

This step will give you: 50 Mastery Points.


Step 3: 

Mine Shapestone and level up ringcrafting to 50.

Again over here you may need to grind a bit more for shapestone and flux. However, from grinding out dungeons for level 10 you should already have flux from deconstructed items.

Total amount of Shapestone you will need: 150.
Total amount of flux you will need: 150.

This step will grant you: 75 Mastery Points.


Step 4:

Gather 800 glim from running around adventure worlds. This can be done in a few minutes especially if you are in the Fae biome. (Find a dungeon with flowers around it). Use this glim to buy the SS Dinghy, Worn Sail and Basic Fishing Pole at Saltwater Sam in the hub.

SS Dinghy will grant 50 points, Worn Sail will grant 10 and Basic Fishing Pole will grant 20.

This step will grant you: 80 Mastery Points.


Step 5:

If you have not already done so, deconstruct 35 unique styles in the loot collector.

This step may already be completed based on step 1 and 3. However, if you still have mastery points left to go, you can deconstruct an item and get 1 mastery point per item.

This step gives you: 35 Mastery Points.

You should now be Mastery level 5 :D



  1. If you are reading this during November, the Movember Madness Pack is available and gives 50+ Mastery Points.
  2. If you happen to find a Pemblock or Meownt, they give 50 Mastery Points.
  3. If you happen to unbox a Diggsly from a miners trove, it gives 50 Mastery Points.
  4. Any of these bonuses will speed up the process of making an alt.
  5. Adding 1 friend will grant you 20 mastery points and adding 5 will grant you another 20, for a total of 40 points.

There are many other ways to earn mastery, they just require much more work and time. Happy Alting!

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