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Easy Marketplace Flips Guides

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This guide is about flipping items to gain flux easily, but slowly.

So far it would be great to get a million of flux dream. Lets get started ! 

1. We have to remember the basic currency of an item, for an example : Robotic Salvage @20 ,Lets seek for people who sells it for @1-15.

2. Sell it for the basic price of the item.

I have been doing this for months and the result would be a radiant weapon and mastery ranks. All you gotta do is flip anything worth.

Here i flips some Radiant Shard and gain -/+ 750 Flux Easily.

Ex: Buying Process.

This is it, You buy for @2 or @-3, then .... 

Selling Process

Sell it for 3.7 EACH ! Instantly 1.7 flux per radiant, i bought a 1000 so i would get an easy : 1.7 x 1000 : 1700 flux in a few seconds ?


Try it out !

And if you want to support me, its easy.

Simply click / copy this link :

Thank you !

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