Latest Trove and Trovesaurus news

This week the team is showing off a sneak peek of this year’s Shadow’s Eve event and we’re raising money for Extra Life to help heal sick kids!

Introducing the Jump Starter Pack! This unbelievable pack gives $40 worth of goodies for just $4.99 USD!

We’re back at it, Trovians! Join us for our October 26, 2018 livestream for another exclusive Twitch Drop!

The past two weeks we hosted another building contest, this time the topic is creating your own Geodian home. Thanks to builders who created these awesome builds.

This week we’re going to show off a preview of some Crystal Gear art and stats along with new Bomber Royale maps. As if that weren’t enough we’ll also answer your questions from the forums and live chat, and as always we’ll have our famous giveaways!

Thank you to our artists for taking part in our contest to draw the Magical Mudskipper for Trove Lead Engineer Srayer. We have the results ready for you.

Will this be the greatest livestream in history? Not with that attitude. We hope you’ll join us anyway, for new info on the upcoming Crystal Gear, and a look at what awaits on the surface of Geode! Plus, we’ll show off some fantastic player-created art, answer your questions from the forums and live chat, and as always we’ll have our famous giveaways!

Thanks for taking part in our Neon City biome art contest, our guest judges have posted their results. Thanks to Ylva and mau5head.

Sage would like to present a list of changes made to the Trovesaurus site since June, he wants to say sorry that has has been too lazy to post them monthly.

We asked James (Kytsu) for his opinion on the spaghetti allies. Here are his highlights on the modding challenge. Thank you all for participating in this modding challenge. We might do some more quickies in the future!


Jet Jammer
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Streamer Dream 2 (October)
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Art Contest

Jurassic Jungle
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Ends 2 weeks from now

Art Contest

Dragonfire Peaks
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Plushie Designs
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Loading Screen Fan Art
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Verses of Violence
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Magical Mudskipper
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Remembrance of Reng
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Neon City
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