Trove Mods

Mods are ways for you to tweak your UI or change looks of in-game models like Mounts, Costumes and others. Mods will only change how you see a model, and not for other people.

Unfortunately mods are only supported on the PC version.

Mods Home

An overview page for our Modding community.

Many create Mods just for fun and usability purposes, but with Trove and Trovesaurus you can also [submit] your uploaded Mods to Developers! Creators who's models get added to the game get sweet rewards and their own mark on Trove!

Installing using TroveTools.NET

  • Download TroveTools.NET from Dazo
  • Check the game location, it usually auto detects
  • Find the mod you wish to install
  • Press the install button

Manual Install: TMOD (Newer Format)

  • Download the mod file
  • Place in the Live/mods folder

Manual Install: ZIP (Older Format)

  • Download the mod file
  • Extract the contents, usually they are setup to automatically extract to blueprints/override folders if done in the game directory

Steam Workshop

Alternatively if you use Trove on Steam you can just Subscribe to the mod on the entry on the Trove Steam Workshop. Please bare in mind that not all modders upload their creations on both platforms.

Default Game Folder Locations:

  • Glyph: C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\Trove\Live
  • Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trove\Games\Trove\Live\
Submitting a Mod Submitted Mods

Trovesaurus is the place to submit your Mods to the Trove team for the chance to make it into game.

  1. Create your Mod (make sure you have a UI blueprint too)
  2. Publish your Mod
  3. Press the Submit Mod button at the top of your mods page

Rewards - If you have a mod accepted you will be rewarded with Credits and Codes.

Legal - The Trove Team has asked us to display your legal agreement before you submit the mods. This is something you have to agree to as you submit your mods. Doing this beforehand speeds up the acceptance process.

Recently Accepted Mods Accepted Mods

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Costumes (Fae Trickster)
Accepted 3 days ago
Learn to Mod Learn to Mod

Learn how to mod with some guides from our brilliant modding community.

Some of our modders View Modders

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