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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

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Remove Dragonfire Peaks Fog

Removes the Dragonfire Peaks underground fog and makes the above ground more normal.

Vita (PC) 2 weeks ago (0)


ExoDave VFX reducer package

Reduce Excessive Ingame VFX from all 15 classes and shadow tower DOTM/PIn, More Stable FPS, v1.3, Adding more reduced VFX effects with each new version.

ExoDave (PC) 2 weeks ago (1)

UTILITY (Candy Barbarian)


BETA CB CD, Test mod.

ExoDave (PC) 4 weeks ago (1)

UTILITY (Gunslinger)

Better GS Aura & Ult Countdown

Makes the GunSlinger Aura more noticable and adds a 9 to 1 ult duration countdown.

ExoDave (PC) 4 weeks ago (0)


Lite Bombs

Reduce bomb explosions clutter and junk. Easier too see effects, easier on your computer.

ExoDave (PC) 1 month ago (2)


ST Poison Clouds bandaid fix

This will reduce the vfx of the poison clouds effects by a lot, because it was causing a lot of FPS issues for a lot of people because of some other bug that is in place at the moment in Shadow Towers.

Novuhz (PC) 2 months ago (4)

UTILITY (Gunslinger)

Gunslinger CG Buff timer

Shows the last 3 seconds of Gunslinger Ultimate Buff

Novuhz (PC) 2 months ago (4)


Better Cooldowns (Default Hotbar)

Upgrades the default Hotbar with Better Cooldowns.Caution: If you're using another hotbar addon you may not see the effects.

ExoDave (PC) 2 months ago (1)


Hide My Ally

This Mod replaces Diggsly with absolute nothingness! simply right click to change the appearance of your ally into  nothingness.

ExoDave (PC) 2 months ago (0)


EXP calculator

Hi guys,I've been playing this game for way to long and decided to make a simple EXP calculator tool using my C# knowledge. Using this tool, you can calculate the amount of dungeons you've got left for level-up.

Mangozaad 3 months ago (1)


Better Damage Number Zero Collection V1

Based on work of  MysticLugiaThis is Collection pack so you need to extract file you downloaded and then you can install each font

ZeroX4 5 months ago (5)


Player Finder/trail

No description entered

KillerManiac 6 months ago (3)


No Jungle Fog

Small mod for remove Fog in Jurassic Jungle biome!

RNG (PC) 7 months ago (8)


Mini Boss Radar

No description entered

Novuhz (PC) 7 months ago (69)

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COSTUME (Chloromancer)

Super Magical Chloromancer

Grow a lovely flower by your power and take it away from your enermy

KawaiiCaretaker (PC) 6 months ago (5)