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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

Feel free to join the Trovesaurus Discord #modders channel to chat with our modders.

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Superior Marketplace (UTILITY) - ExoDave

UltimateBow (UTILITY) - CrimsonVegito

Pinata Invaders Beam Radar (UTILITY) - Novuhz

Dragon's Bertha (UTILITY) - CrimsonVegito

Disable excessive player lighting by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Mod Manager (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Superior Loot Collector (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Better Collections (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Opaque Build mode by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Disable Outline Effect by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Better invites (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Small map (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Easy Glacial Shards (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Easy to see biomes (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Remove Dragonfire Peaks Fog (UTILITY) - Vita

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Red TrovianRanger [Eagle] (COSTUME) - Ainogommon