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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

Feel free to join the Trovesaurus Discord #modders channel to chat with our modders.

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Daughter of the Blacksmith Shop (NPC) - Stelven

Enchanted Stump Monster (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Cyberious Rex (NPC) - Galeneos

Neon T-REX Skin (NPC) - psyonnix

Queen of the Tainted Sun (NPC) - Galeneos

The Pyramid (NPC) - Hexaspherical

Scarab Beetle (NPC) - WyvernWarrior223

Pharaoh Mummy (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Mummy (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Roc (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Anubite (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Sarcophagus (NPC) - B_Y3LL0W

Camelman (NPC) - Jusiv

Jolly Prophet (NPC) - Hexaspherical

Cygnus Spectre Renewed (NPC) - SylvanEvergreen

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Pirate Gold Scavenger (MOUNT) - Evilagician