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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

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COSTUME (Shadow Hunter)

Bear Hunter

Replaces the Level 20 Shadow Hunter Costume.

PotatoeUnicorn (PC) 9 hours ago (1)

COSTUME (Shadow Hunter)

Tundra Headhunter

Freeze enemies with your frosty arrows (Replaces Lvl 20 Shadow hunter costume and Wormwood Bow)

SPJKY69 (PC) 1 day ago (1)

COSTUME (Gunslinger)


No description entered

Ainogommon (PC) 2 days ago (2)

COSTUME (Pirate Captain)


No description entered

cheee (PC) 2 days ago (0)

COSTUME (Candy Barbarian)

Murderer CB

No description entered

13low (PC) 3 days ago (1)

COSTUME (Boomeranger)

Farmer Joe

No description entered

BisquiteCat (PC) 3 days ago (0)

COSTUME (Candy Barbarian)


No description entered

13low (PC) 3 days ago (0)

COSTUME (Shadow Hunter)


If wanna change the other one costumes,

cheee (PC) 4 days ago (2)

COSTUME (Neon Ninja)

Lightning Speed

Costume for Neon Ninja

_GraviTy (PC) 5 days ago (3)

COSTUME (Neon Ninja)


Replace : "Anubian Assassin" NN Costume

13low (PC) 6 days ago (1)

COSTUME (Candy Barbarian)

Weeping Barbarian

Costume for Candy Barbarian

deleted101 (PC) 6 days ago (0)

COSTUME (Candy Barbarian)

Candy Bearbarian

No description entered

Rosain (PC) 1 week ago (1)

COSTUME (Neon Ninja)


fixed you old Inferno Infiltrator NN Costume to be Rocker!

13low (PC) 1 week ago (2)

COSTUME (Neon Ninja)


for Inferno Infiltrator

13low (PC) 1 week ago (1)

COSTUME (Shadow Hunter)

Fire Hunter Costume

Change lv20 shadow hunter costume, into fire theme skin

Evolutyon (PC) 2 weeks ago (0)

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