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Trove Mods

Mod your Trove game, changing the appearance of some elements or adding new functionality. On this page you can browse and upload mods, this list also powers the TroveTools.NET mod loader.

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Astralia, Guide of Shooting Stars (DRAGON) - LippyLapras

SwampWalker (MOUNT) - Ainogommon

R4pT0r (MOUNT) - Ainogommon

Pouncing Porky (MOUNT) - B_Y3LL0W

T3K - The Dragon Infused Weapon's System (DRAGON) - ixiTimmyixi

Superior Marketplace (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Bat Dragon (DRAGON) - Nightwolfyy

Starlit Centurion (COSTUME) - LippyLapras

Broken Bot (MOUNT) - ixiTimmyixi

Cool Bot (MOUNT) - ixiTimmyixi

Mad Bot (MOUNT) - ixiTimmyixi

Space Chariot (MOUNT) - ixiTimmyixi

Nibbles the sugary flap (ALLY) - pendk

Fidget Mobile (MOUNT) - ixiTimmyixi

Festive Duck (MOUNT) - BisquiteCat

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Red velvet cake (MOUNT) - pendk