Mod Packs

Mod Packs are lists of mods grouped together, anyone can create one if they are logged in and can be used to help group mods you like, or follow a similar theme.

List of Mod Packs


Created by Gusmok 5 hours ago

NiteLights Mods

Created by NotVino 2 weeks ago


Created by CandyRedX 2 weeks ago

Rise of the Virus Pack

Created by SkyTheVirus 4 weeks ago

Albairn, Voice of Dawn

Created by Xavior1230 1 month ago

awesome pack

Created by supermanhaha2857 2 months ago

Cursed Vale (Mod Focus)

Created by Evilagician 2 months ago


Created by GearHeart 2 months ago

Shirina's Handy Modpack

Created by Shirina 2 months ago

Permafrost (Mod Focus)

Created by Evilagician 3 months ago

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Streamer Dream 3
Ends 3 days from now

Cataphract Construct
Ends 4 days from now

Art Contest

Ends 1 week from now

Community Designed Hub
Ends 1 week from now

Ends 1 week from now

Ends 2 weeks from now


SS Cube
Starts 4 days from now

Art Contest

Starts 7 days from now

Starts 1 week from now

Desert Frontier
Starts 1 week from now

Fan Art Appreciation
Starts 1 week from now

Starts 3 weeks from now

Fae Forest
Starts 1 month from now

Plushie Designs
Starts 1 month from now

Starts 2 months from now

Starts 2 months from now

Neon City
Starts 3 months from now

Jurassic Jungle
Starts 4 months from now

Dragonfire Peaks
Starts 5 months from now

Land Scaper 8000-T
Ended 3 days ago

Streamer Dream
Ended 1 week ago

Wildflower Warlock
Ended 1 week ago

A Hero Rises
Ended 2 weeks ago

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