Everdark Sentinel

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Replaces costume, hat, and weapon from SkyRider3217's Chaos Cavalier.

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First time modding, this was a real blast to fiddle around with.  Knight is my favorite guy, and I felt like a Shadow-themed costume was conspicuously absent.

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liked this!


I don't dig the lunar costumes as much as the shadow themed costumes, this is really good!

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Quick TMOD

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Author: Phixyrsion

Tags: Knight

Notes: Reskins Chaos Cavalier

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  • blueprint 14+
    • c_p_knight_chaos_l_foot
    • c_p_knight_chaos_l_hand
    • c_p_knight_chaos_l_shin
    • c_p_knight_chaos_l_shoulder
    • c_p_knight_chaos_l_thigh
    • c_p_knight_chaos_r_foot
    • c_p_knight_chaos_r_hand
    • c_p_knight_chaos_r_shin
    • c_p_knight_chaos_r_shoulder
    • c_p_knight_chaos_r_thigh
    • c_p_knight_chaos_torso
    • c_p_knight_chaos_ui[skyrider3217]
    • equipment_helm_knight_chaos[skyrider3217]
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_knight_chaos[skyrider3217]
  • png 1+
    • everdarksent

Chaos Cavalier






Chaos Cavalier


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Created: May 14, 2022

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 132

Downloads: 5

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Inspired by various Shadow elements, notably Titan Soul, Shadow Golem, and Shadow Colosseum.

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