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The friends list re-created from complete scratch, and hopefully the first of many ayu UI re-designs to follow. Features favorite friends (via ♥ button), tabbed sections, quick access list, bulk inviting (via ⚡ button/tab), and improved loading performance with a large number of friends. Will also re-open to the last tab you were on. Please download the config file below or most features will not function properly.


Requires Mod Config File: Download - ayu Friends.cfg (download button is in the top right corner)

Mod Config file must be saved in: %appdata%/Trove/ModCfgs


Additional information about all features of the mod are explained below the download~!

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.

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Configuration file should be placed in:
ayu Friends.cfg 163 B


Clicking the heart next to a player's name will add them to your favorites. Favorite friends will have a rosy-crimson name color and always appear at the top of the primary friends tab in alphabetical order—regardless of online status. The ♥ Favorites tab will display only your favorite friends. Favorite friends will persist across name changes so you do not have to keep up with re-favoriting people every time.


Quick List:

Clicking the lightning icon next to players names will add them to your quick list. Navigating to the ⚡ Quick list tab will show all of the players you have added to the list. The tab also features an "Invite all" option which will allow you to invite all of the currently online players in the quick list with one click (players in /hide cannot be invited this way).

The tab also features a button to easily remove everyone from the quick list at any time. If the friends list opens to this tab, the button to clear the quick list will be disabled initially to avoid accidentally clicking it in a hurry. Swapping tabs will re-enable this button.


Whispering: You can whisper a player by clicking their name in the friends list.


Removing: You can remove a player from your friends by right-clicking their name in the friends list. This also applies to un-ignore people and to decline/cancel friend requests.


Requests tab:

The requests tab will display all incoming an outgoing friend requests. A button to accept all pending incoming requests is also present. To decline or cancel friend requests, right click the player's name. If you have pending incoming requests, this tab will display a small alert banner above it with the number of requests waiting for your response.


Ignored tab:

The ignored tab shows all players you currently have ignored and allows you to add a new player to the ignored list. You can un-ignore players by right-clicking their name.



I am still fairly new to ActionScript so I cannot guarantee everything will work properly. This turned out to be much more complex than I imagined it would be going in (I was actually learning how to do almost everything I needed to do for this UI as I was making it) so I expect there to be some issues I overlooked. I will try to keep the mod updated if any issues arise. I'm really sorry if I happened to miss anything important.. reporting any issues you happen to find to me is greatly appreciated.


Known bugs/issues:

  • Accepting a friend request will sometimes cause the player's invite and join buttons to not be visible. Will be fixed eventually.
    • Temporary work around: Re-open the friends list and the buttons will appear normally.
  • Ignoring a favorite friend without removing them from your favorites will prevent them from appearing on the ignored tab, which makes it impossible to un-ignore that person. Will be fixed eventually.
    • Temporary work around: Disable the mod to unignore the person, or temporarily rename the config file to clear your favorite friends (I recommend just disabling the mod, as Trove likes to clear the config file when you mess with it while the game is running).
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can I somehow enlarge the list, it's so hard for me to read


you can use /uiscale to increase the size of all ui's. other than that, no.
OMG your mods are so good. I can't wait for a full UI mod from yours!
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This mod is amazing!  It makes fivefarming very easy and it's one of the best mods I've ever gotten.

If you want to remove someone from your ignore list, you have to disable ayu, relaunch the game, remove from ignore and then relaunch to get it to work like you want.  It's annoying, but hopefully this tip proves useful should you need it.


This is already mentioned in the "known issues" section, but:

  1. People will still appear on the ignored list and can be removed like normal UNLESS you have them marked as a favorite friend.
  2. You do not need to relaunch the game. Just disable the mod and re-open the friends UI, then re-enable the mod afterwards.


I have downloaded mods and used TroveTools.net in the past, but could not find %appdata%/Trove/ModCfgs to put the download in.

Maybe a video or a step by step tutorial would help. Thanks. 


edit: Thanks to Toffinnek on the discord. Had to use the window button and R to bring up the run files. Who knew?

Couldn't find the file by clicking through the glyph files. So problem solved.


Pretty sure you need to make the folder yourself.


Где эту папку нужно создать? 


Где эту папку нужно создать? 

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Insane mod!

What program do you use for modding?


JPEXS for modifying the SWFs and Figma for creating vectors to import into JPEXS as Shapes

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Super useful for 5* farms and inviting alts
Also a much faster loading time :)

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I can't seem to get the favorites to work. I click on the heart then close the friends list and the heart disappears. I've even tried to add them manually with the cfg file. 


Make sure Trove and Glyph are both completely closed when you save the config file provided in the ModCfgs folder. Sometimes they can overwrite the file to be blank. Also, attempting to manually add a name to the config file will break things. They are stored as encrypted account identifiers. Typing in someone's name will not work. Just use the provided config file without editing anything.


I managed to make it work via a suggestion by Kuu that referred me. I did a full uninstall and reinstall of all my mods. With TroveTools, it only takes a few seconds.

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Is there a line you can write in cfg to increase friends window size? Its kinda small on 2560x1440 monitor


There's no upscaling support as of now, sorry. I have a 1440p monitor also and sized it in a way I felt worked well at that resolution, but I forgot some people used an in-game UI scaling lower than 100%. A few people who use lower values for that have also mentioned it felt a bit too small to them.

I need to rework some other things in the mod, so I'll try to add scaling support when I get around to doing all of that.

Hello i hope someone can help me. 

I downloaded the mod and put the file in %appdata%/Trove/ModCfgs.

But my favorites disapear after i close the friend list.

Must i do anything special ?

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Could you think of any reason my favorited friends keep resetting when I close out of my friends tab?


You need to download the required configuration file in the Mod Description for favorites to save.

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Is it possible to have the invite all button to also be a command in chat?


Not really. That would require modifying the chat UI file also, which would conflict with Symbol's Chat Mod. You would also need the friends list to be open for the command to function properly. Sorry.

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great mod! When I close the friends tab it deletes my favorites 😥


You need to download the required configuration file in the Mod Description for favorites to save.

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i like fish friends mod

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great mod, can't wait to see what you gonna create next <3

Quick TMOD

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Author: abbie

Tags: UI

Notes: Redesigned friends list with favorite friends, quick access list, bulk inviting, tab views, and improved performance with a large number of friends

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Info Extra information for this mod.

Created: September 4, 2021

Updated: May 9, 2022

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 8,320

Downloads: 3,876

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Inspiration for favoriting friends comes from TheSymbol and ExoDave's Favorite Friends / Friends+ mods.