Lunar Taint Waypoint

Author: Digitalzero

Mod Description

Complete the Lunar Plunge Event (2021) Faster Than Anyone Else!


Waypoints for Tainted Lunar Drop. 
 - Greatly increases the visibility of Tainted Lunar Drops.
 - Never miss another one. 
 - High Fidelity.
 - Inspired by KawaiiCaretaker's Waypoints mod.

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Initial release v1.0.0

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Author: Digitalzero

Tags: Cosmetics,v1.0.0,taints,tainted,waypoint

Notes: Waypoints for Tainted Lunar Star. Inspired by KawaiiCaretaker's Waypoints mod

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    • plant_harvesting_lunarstar_tainted_spin_01
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    • lunar_taint_waypoint
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Created: August 11, 2021

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 712

Steam Workshop Views: 4,224

Downloads: 300

Inspired Work

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Inspired by KawaiiCaretaker's Waypoints mod

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