Dark Neon Hoodie - Neon Ninja

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A rework of an older-ish mod of mine. I figured it would be easier to just make a re-upload of this instead of adding the 200th update to the last one. I was thinking of including the blue version again, but it felt a bit redundant to make a recolor.

Not too many changes, the biggest change is really just the sword model.

I plan to add custom VFX at some point, but I don't yet know how to do it, so please be patient. Thank you!

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  • pkfx 16+
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_basicattack_impact_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_basicattack_trail_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_dash_destination_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_dash_snare_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_dash_windup_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_flip_decoy_continuous_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_charge_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_charge_02
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_charge_03
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_shuriken_projectile_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_shuriken_projectile_02
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_passive_shuriken_projectile_03
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_ultimate_bodyaura_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_ultimate_projectile_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_ultimate_shoot_01
    • character_pc_neonninja_lumin_ability_ultimate_weapontrail_01
  • blueprint 13+
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_L_FOOT
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_L_HAND
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_L_SHIN
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_L_SHOULDER
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_L_THIGH
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_R_FOOT
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_R_HAND
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_R_SHIN
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_R_SHOULDER
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_R_THIGH
    • C_P_neon_ninja_lumin_TORSO
    • equipment_helm_neonninja_lumin[everscream]
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_neonninja_lumin[everscream]
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Created: June 5, 2022

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 1,530

Downloads: 184

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