Ydraggsil, the Forest Dragon

Author: ToastpirateWilly

Mod Description

It is said entire forests seemingly appear overnight wherever he rests. And those who meet him are blessed with lifelong health.

Features custom VFX (Not really, just repurposed VFX from other areas of the game. But it still fits well!)

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.

Tysorion replacer version.

(Because Tysorion doesn't have any eye VFX itself, custom eye VFX won't show up for this version.)

357.2 KB

Miraldis replacer version.

(NOTE: Due to a bug with Miraldis itself, fireballs won't make any sound unless they impact very close to you. This isn't something I can fix.)

401.2 KB

Aurym replacer version.

401.2 KB

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amazing design

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Quick TMOD

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Author: ToastpirateWilly

Notes: Replaces Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings

Mod FilesShow

  • blueprint 22+
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_01
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_02
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_03
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_04
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_05
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_06
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_body_07
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_foot_bl
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_foot_br
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_foot_fl
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_foot_fr
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_head
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_jaw
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_shoulder_bl
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_shoulder_br
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_shoulder_fl
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_shoulder_fr
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_ui
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_wing_l_01
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_wing_l_02
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_wing_r_01
    • c_mt_dragon_pinatatrove_wing_r_02
  • pkfx 7+
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_aura_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_breath_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_impact_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_jump_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_muzzleflash_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_print_01
    • character_mount_dragon_pinatatrove_projectile_01
  • png 1+
    • ydraggsiltitle
Info Extra information for this mod.

Created: July 8, 2021

Updated: July 12, 2021

Submitted: July 8, 2021

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 672

Steam Workshop Views: 636

Downloads: 54

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